Kundu Lun District: Let the citizens become the beneficiary of the creation of a civilized city

  At night, walking in the streets and alleys in Kundu Lun District, and people who saw the dog walking tied their dogs. "I was late from get off work, usually walking dogs at night.

In addition to the tie rope, it also uses degradable plastic bags to clean up the dog’s feces. "Citizen Li Wei said, I deeply realized that the changes and difficulties of the city’s appearance in the past years. I feel that the creation of a civilized city should start with me. The people’s city is built and the people’s city is the people. The creation of civilized cities across the country. Among them, Kundulun District takes the satisfaction of the people as an important evaluation criterion. Starting from daily, breakthrough from details, we will focus on improving the well -being of the people’s livelihood, and continuously enhance the sense of gain, happiness, and security of the masses. The theme of renovation and enhancement is set up every month in Kundulun District, creating a typical place to create a typical place, and in strict accordance with the requirements of various special actions to consolidate the results of special rectification.

Xu Jianjun, Executive Deputy Minister of the Propaganda Department of the Kundu Lun District Committee and director of the Civilization Office, introduced: "This is one of the measures we establish a normal mechanism and maintain the achievements of the maintenance of the creation for a long time.

"This year, Kundulun District has successively carried out special rectifications such as civilized dogs, small advertisements, traffic order, illegal buildings and electric vehicle management. The hotline is reported at any time.

The Kundu Lun District Public Security Branch carried out centralized publicity of 472 concentrated publicity in communities, major supermarkets, and park squares to centrally rectify the problem of stray dogs in the prominent area and community, and the report of disturbances was significantly reduced. After discussing with the Jacadi Electric Vehicle Corporation, the traffic management brigade of the Kundu Lun District will recently implement the sales of licensed sales in 42 retail stores in Baotou City. After the conditions are mature, it will be implemented in the city to achieve the goal of adding all the new Yadi vehicles. As of the end of March, 6 electric vehicle sales points have achieved license sales.

Since the electric bicycle business has been handled on March 20, the Kundu Lun District Traffic Management Brigade has been licensed with 35,177 electric bicycles. During this time, the Kundulun District made a unified demolition of 324 illegal construction stores in the south wall of the Friendship 19 community. This is a microcosm of the special operation of illegal construction rectification in March. By March 27, a total of 11,242 square meters of the 827 square meters of Friendship 19 community illegal buildings.

  Hao Lizhi, who lives in the four districts of the Friendship 19 Community, said: "We are particularly eager to change the community in the community. The demolition of illegal buildings can not only eliminate hidden safety hazards, but also optimize the community environment and do a big truth for residents.

"Wang Qiang, the captain of the Kundu Lun District City Management Comprehensive Law Enforcement Bureau, introduced:" We will also focus on the special actions and demonstration business creation activities, public toilet management, the improvement of garbage classification, outdoor barbecue rectification, and the improvement of outdoor barbecue rectification For special operations, make every effort to improve the living environment of the residents, improve the quality of life, and make each citizen a beneficiary of the creation of a civilized city.

"" The normalization of civilized cities and regional governance, industry governance, and grass -roots governance running through, and systematic advancement. The key points, the continuous development of special rectification actions and demonstration sites creation activities, ensuring the improvement of the special rectification effect, the exemplary point to play a model to lead the leading role, and consolidate the results of the creation of civilized cities.

(Reporter Lu Xue, a correspondent Zhao Jinfeng) (Responsible editor: Zhang Xuedong, Liu Ze) Share to let more people see recommended reading.