Policies are added! Five aspects to increase the job stabilization and promote employment! Unblocked traffic artery logistics microcirculation

Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, April 27th. Prime Minister Li Keqiang of the State Council hosted a executive meeting of the State Council on April 27 to decide to increase the employment policy of stabilizing the job to maintain employment stable and economic stable operation. Further open the block and open the cycle. The meeting pointed out that stable employment is a key support for economic operations to maintain in a reasonable range. It is necessary to implement the deployment of the Party Central Committee and the State Council, and take more powerful measures to stabilize employment. First, to promote the re -production of enterprises under the condition of preventing and controlling the epidemic, especially to ensure the normal operation of key enterprises, transportation and logistics enterprises, anti -epidemic -protection enterprises, key infrastructure, etc. Point to help "help. Second, we must focus on supporting market entities.

The policy of slowing down, unemployment, and work injury insurance premiums from 5 specialty industries to all small and medium -sized enterprises, individual industrial and commercial households who are affected by the epidemic situation. The proportion of small and medium -sized enterprises and individual industrial and commercial households’ unemployment insurance is up to 90%. Support the localized preferential discounts on electricity consumption of local piety industries, continue to give small and medium -sized enterprises broadband and special line tariff discounts, and reduce costs for online employment and entrepreneurship and home office. Enterprises can negotiate with employees to stabilize the work. Promote the healthy development of the platform’s economy and drive more employment. Third, we must expand employment. Support college graduates to start their own businesses, and implement policies related to mass entrepreneurship and innovation. Promote the "million employment trainees" such as college graduates, and subsidize units that absorb trainees.

Start a group of farmland water conservancy, rural roads and other projects to promote the work of work with work and increase the employment positions of migrant workers.

Fourth, we must do a good job of employment services and guarantee. Improve the online contracting system for employment of college graduates to promote the mutual recognition of the results of the medical examination. For graduates who delayed their departure, extend the time limit for registration, archives transfer, and settlement.

Cancellation of graduates to the talent service agency registration procedures can be settled directly with their academic certificates and labor contracts.

Study support measures such as extension of student loans, reducing interest and other support measures.

For unemployed migrant workers who have been involved in unemployment insurance for less than one year, temporary living subsidies are issued; temporary assistance is given to those who have a temporary unemployment and unseen insurance.

Fifth, we must compact the responsibility of stable employment in various places, as the content of government performance assessment, creative implementation, and ensure the completion of the annual employment goals. The meeting pointed out that transportation logistics is the meridian of the market economy and an important support for the protection of people’s livelihood.

In response to recent logistics from some areas, the State Council has established a working mechanism.

It is necessary to coordinate the prevention and control of the epidemic and the smooth supply of logistics, strengthen departmental coordination and cross -regional linkage, and unblock international and domestic logistics. First, it is necessary to ensure the efficient operation of the traffic backbone network.

Supervise the highway toll stations and service areas to open all, to clear the airport, port collection and transportation, and support enterprises such as platforms and express delivery to increase capacity.

Second, we must open the logistics microcirculation.

Promote the orderly restoration of operations and courier returns in an orderly courier and other outlets.

Ensure the smooth flow of rural roads and the transportation of agricultural products and agricultural products.

Third, we must strengthen the protection of key areas, industries and enterprises.

Prepare the emergency material transit stations and implement non -contact connection to ensure transportation from key enterprises, import and export products such as key enterprises, and import and export products of people’s biological materials, industrial chain supply chains.

Fourth, we must strengthen the help of freight operators.

From May 1st to the end of the year, the eligible express delivery service income is exempt from value -added tax.

The 100 billion yuan re -loan is launched as soon as possible to support transportation and logistics and warehousing financing.

Reasonably support the delay of car loan repayment.

Fifth, we must ensure that the vehicle traffic permit should be issued, quick and fast, and mutual recognition of the country.

Promote free nucleic acid and antigen detection during the transportation of truck drivers. The meeting studied other matters.

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