Lhasa Customs formulates 12 measures to help Tibet’s foreign trade development

[Font:] In order to thoroughly implement the work deployment of the General Administration of Customs to promote the preservation of foreign trade, the Lhasa Customs anchor the "four major events", focusing on the "four creations" and "four at the forefront", from "grasping characteristics, unblocked unblocked, unblocked, The four aspects of Tao, increase platform, and excellent environment ", combined with the actual situation of business reform, the actual situation of customs districts, and corporate demands, refine the formulation of" Twelve Measures of Lhasa Customs Promoting Tibetan Foreign Trade Preservation and Stability "(hereinafter referred to as the" Twelve Twelve Twelve Measures " Measures "), better serving enterprises, helping enterprises effectively hedge the impact on the epidemic, and fully stabilize the basic foreign trade.

  It is understood that the "Twelve Measures" cover the four main aspects of grasping characteristics, smooth channels, platforms, and excellent environment. By providing laboratory inspection support and technical assistance for Tibet "Third Polar" such as Tibet, for small and medium -sized assistance, for small and medium -sized, small and medium -sized The development of micro -trade enterprises provides "one enterprise and one policy" and coordinated services for cross -customs areas to help the development of Tibet’s characteristic industries. Through the establishment of green channels for imports and exports, vivid and easy -to -rot agricultural food products, optimize export inverted goods and throwing operating models, and compress the time limit for the filing of food production enterprises to apply for the filing of export food production enterprises.

By actively promoting the high -quality development of the Lhasa comprehensive bonded zone, supporting the construction of the open platform open platform, and creating a "one -on -one" corporate liaison platform, etc., the platform is increased.

By deepening the application of tax and exemption policies, promoting the implementation of high -quality implementation of the RCEP agreement, and strengthening statistical data analysis and services, the port business environment is further optimized.

  Qiong Da, deputy director of the Lhasa Customs Comprehensive Business, said: "Lhasa Customs will seriously compare the" Twelve Measures "to practice the" People’s Customs as the People’s "purpose, attach great importance to promoting the improvement of foreign trade and stability, and give enterprises more to do more. Real things, more realistic tricks, enhance market confidence, and promote supporting measures efficiently. "