Agricultural Issuance Yilan County Sub -branch: Financial assistance "agriculture, rural areas" to prepare for spring plowing

People’s Daily Online, Harbin, March 10th. In the early spring of March, farmers are busy.

Recently, the Agricultural Issuance Yilan County Sub -branch took the agricultural time as the order, organized the hard work of the organization, went deep into the grass -roots survey, fully understood the needs of farmers, actively invested in grain acquisition loans, solved the problem of farmers’ grain monetization, and fully supported spring plowing production. It is reported that at present, a number of local food collection and storage companies in Yilan County are intensively carried out the central reserve grain -reserved corn and market -based corn acquisition. Farmers also need to sell food for spring plowing production funds.

Faced with the expectations of farmers’ food sales and the financing needs of enterprises, Agricultural Issuance Yilan County Sub -branch provides high -quality, efficient financing and wisdom services, starting the green loan process, and completed the credit approval process of a corporate rating of corporate rating with only 5 working days. , Apply for the acquisition of grain and oil acquisition loans of 100 million yuan, coupled with the early period of the central reserve grain rotation loan 100 million yuan and the purchase and sales enterprise grain and oil acquisition loan of 100 million yuan, cumulative loans of 100 million yuan for corporate market -based acquisition of corn and central reserve grain reserves Rotating corn funds demand. At present, the bank has issued a loan of 100 million yuan to the enterprise. The acquisition of the loan is planned to be put on the end of March 2022 to help farmers quickly realize the remaining grain in their hands and focus on alleviating the tension of farmers’ purchase of spring plowing production information.

The person in charge of the Agricultural Issuance Yilan County Sub -branch stated that it will fully support the production capacity of county agricultural production, enhance the production capacity of food, and effectively brighten the golden signboard of "Grain Bank" and "Agricultural Land Bank", further consolidate the foundation of national food security, and take practical actions Showing agricultural policy banks to serve the "agriculture, rural areas, and rural areas". (Wang Ying, Liu Xiaobing) (Responsible editors: Wang Sidi, Li Zhongshuang) Share more people see recommended reading.