Support the financial department of the economic market to make clear efforts in the eight aspects

  Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, May 30th: Supporting the stability of the economic market, and the financial department clarified the eight aspects of Xinhua News Agency reporters Shen Yan and Wang Yuxiao on the 30th, the Minister of Finance Liu Kun in the country’s financial support to stabilize the economic market video The meeting stated that the financial departments at all levels should firmly be confident and face difficulties, put steady growth in a more prominent position, and strive to protect the market entities in order to ensure employment and livelihood, and strive to ensure that the economic growth and unemployment rate of unemployment in the second quarter will be ensured in the second quarter. In order to stabilize the economic market, the Party Central Committee and the State Council have made many deployments and introduced a series of targeted, strong and effective interval regulation measures. The executive meeting of the State Council held a few days ago further deployed a measure of stability in the economy, including 33 measures in 6 aspects. "Of the 33 measures, 24 are directly involved in the duties of the financial department, covering taxation, special bonds, government procurement, expenditure policies, people’s livelihood and social security." Liu Kun said that the financial departments at all levels should take responsibility , Do not humiliate the mission, do not bear heavy trust, efficiently coordinate the prevention and control of the epidemic, and the economic and social development.

  In order to ensure that the decision -making deployment of the Party Central Committee and the State Council has been implemented, the national financial support of the national financial support holding the economic market held on that day made deployment from eight aspects: to further increase the value -added tax retaining tax refund policy, and send charcoal to the enterprise in the snow to help the enterprise. Difficulty; —— Accelerate the progress of fiscal expenditure and give full play to the benefits of funds and policy as soon as possible; —— Accelerate the use of special bonds for local governments and expand the scope of support, and strive to promote stable growth and investment; The micro -enterprise industry relieves difficult and difficult development; —— effectively expand investment and consumption, and release the potential of domestic demand; —— Stick to living in safety and ensure the safety of food and energy; —— Support the stability of the supply chain of the industry chain, and promote the economic cycle of smooth economic cycles; , Effectively protect basic people’s livelihood.

  Focusing on the tax refund policy, Liu Kun said that the research will be included in more industries into the full monthly refund incremental retention tax, a one -time full refund of the existing reserve tax policy scope, and it is expected to increase the tax refund of more than 140 billion yuan, The total tax refund policies introduced this year have increased the total tax refund of about trillion yuan. In addition, the tax refund progress is accelerated, the funding guarantee of the library funds, and the prevention of tax refund risk. At the same time, he said that it is necessary to make good use of policies such as government financing guarantees, increase government procurement support for small and medium -sized enterprises, expand the implementation of social insurance premiums, and increase support for stabilization, and make every effort to stabilize market entities. Focusing on the use of special bonds, Liu Kun said that as of May 27, a total of trillion yuan of new special bonds had been issued, an increase of about trillion yuan over the same period last year.

It is necessary to ensure that new special bonds are basically issued by the end of June this year, and strive to use it basically before the end of August.

  In terms of supporting the stability of the supply chain of the insurance industry chain, we will increase the support for enterprises such as civil aviation such as civil aviation such as civil aviation, and coordinate the support of logistics hubs and logistics companies. In terms of effectively ensuring basic people’s livelihood, Liu Kun said that it would strengthen the guarantee of social livelihood.

The budget of the central government’s financial difficulties for rescue subsidy subsidy funds has been issued.

When price increases meet the prescribed conditions, timely launch the linkage mechanism for social assistance and guarantee standards and price increases, and local financial departments should do a good job of funding.

  In addition, the meeting emphasized that the bottom line of the "three guarantees" is resolutely touched.

"Adhere to the focus of ‘three guarantees’ expenditures as a budget expenditure." Liu Kun said that first of all, the salary and pension of key groups such as teachers and other key groups were paid on time; The necessary expenditures for the prevention and control of the epidemic, as an important part of the "three guarantees" expenditure. "The financial departments of various localities should take the spirit of the time, and to seize the time window of time, seize the time window, and use the shortest time to study policies, eat thoroughly, supporting policies, and implement policies to ensure that the decision -making deployment of the Party Central Committee and the State Council will be implemented.

"Liu Kun said.