The Taishan team held the inside warm -up match, and the foreign aid adjustment has a new trend

· Lightning News, March 11th. On March 10th, in order to better inspect and train, the Shandong Taishan Team, which is training in Jinan, conducted an internal teaching competition. Finally The elite team of U21 players has achieved the purpose of training. In the first half of the game, the first team scored a goal in the 32nd minute and kept the leading advantage to the end of the half. Shortly after the opening in the second half, the elite team equalized the score. Then the first team scored two goals. Use the frontcourt stea to pull back a city. In the end, the first team defeated the elite 3-2.

Earlier media news shows that the Taishan team may send the U21 team to participate in the AFC Champions League.

In addition, Brazilian media reported that the Baron team Santos intentionally signed the Taishan team foreign aid Moisseus. It seems that Moisseus’ renewal negotiations are not smooth. And the recent news of the New Portuguese media shows that the Taishan team has recently been in contact with the 25 -year -old striker Cresan in San Clara. Cresan was born in July 1996 and was just 26 years old. Atletico Ballana.

In 2019, Cresan joined the Portuguese Super League San Clara, which has been playing today.

Author/Xia Xiaosi.