A "Shouhu" diary of a youth volunteer

Taiqing Cui Li has the "40 volunteers day and night" in Shanghai.

The picture is provided by the interviewee with Huaxia Jingwei.com April 29th: (Reporter Li Xin) When connecting with reporters on the 28th, it was the 42nd day of Taiwanese teacher Cui Liyou as an epidemic prevention volunteer "guarding Shanghai".

The reason why he is so clear is because he has been writing his "volunteer service diary" in the WeChat circle of friends.

  He wrote in his diary one day, "In this clear and quiet afternoon, everything seemed to return to this Shanghai on the first day.

Maybe even I forgot to be in Taipei a few months ago, and then I felt a warm feeling.

"Yes, although fortunately becoming a Taiwanese teacher in Shanghai, Cui Liyou has come to Shanghai for half a year. The half -understanding Shanghai Wu Nong soft language, Cui Liyou suddenly felt, "When the 40s of the volunteers have made him find the feeling of quickly integrating into Shanghai life." Huajian Second Street, located in Xuhui District, Shanghai. This is an old community with a little sense of age. There are no elevators, and more than one -third of the residents are the elderly.

  "On March 17, when I heard the broadcast of the community recruiting volunteers, I have the qualifications of the pharmacist and are very suitable for volunteers, so I reported the first time. Because I always felt that the giving was the biggest gain in life.

"At the end of March, there were few volunteers and abundant supplies. Volunteers were particularly heavy and trivial.

Cui Li sometimes transformed into a "big white" to guide nucleic acid testing to maintain the epidemic prevention channel in order to add the diagnostic personnel; sometimes he transformed into "Big Blue", running upstairs and downstairs to distribute materials for non -sealing residents and transport packages. In addition to these, the enthusiastic Cui Liyou also temporarily became the "building leader" of the two corridors to help solve the various living problems of more than 1,000 people.

  "Indeed, someone will make some strange requirements, such as letting me send frozen dumplings, mineral water, etc. in the middle of the night. It is reasonable that these are not required. I can refuse, but I will try to do it.

"Some volunteers and partners suggested that he" don’t spoil everyone "," but I think that it is easy to be emotional when you can’t go out during the control, not only the care of life, but also psychological care and support.

"He not only shared himself as a volunteer’s case box lunch, shared it with an old man who was not doing in the corridor, and distributed himself to the friends and resident neighbors for free from the fruits and vegetables that he had killed online." There will be a lot of weight, and it is also the scope of my power to everyone.

"In April, materials from various places assisted Shanghai, and timely, a group of constant sources of materials were distributed every day in a timely manner, and it became a" compulsory course "for volunteers.

"Especially the vegetables cannot be overnight, and it is already six or seven in the morning.

"In addition to the work of volunteers, his job has not been dropped. Online classes, writing papers, applying for scientific research projects, participating in industry competitions … Because of the daytime volunteer, often wrote volunteer diaries, and after the lesson, it has already finished the lesson. At one or two in the morning, "life is unprecedented. "Many people ask me, you are a Taiwanese, why do you do so much because of the gratitude and humanity between people.

"The residents in the community now call him" Dr. Cui ", and there are any difficulties and problems to share with him." Life in Shanghai is no different from Taipei.

Volunteers and neighbors in the community have become friends.

"I believe that this experience of being a volunteer will be an indelible memory in my life.

This will also be the mark of this era, so it is necessary to write it down and repeatedly. "In the circle of friends, students and neighbors became his readers.

Someone left a message in his diary, "Wait every day, and sleep after reading your diary." More people cheer up for him. "This makes me feel very warm and give me great motivation.

"After the Shanghai epidemic, Cui Li received a greetings from many relatives and friends in Taiwan, fearing that he would not have enough epidemic prevention supplies, and asked him if there was any risk of volunteers." I will tell them every time I am safe. Shanghai is a good. The place.

"" Recently, I have also paid attention to the immuneness of the Taipei. I just hope that everything will be good.

Cui Li prayed silently. (End).