$ 2.1 trillion! Global military expenditure 7 -year consecutive record record

Researchers predict that this trend will continue in Europe.

Researchers say that although the global new crown virus has a negative impact on the economy, countries around the world have expanded the arsenal, and the global military expenditure expenditure increased by%last year. The report said: In 2021, military expenditure expenditure increased for the seventh consecutive time to trillion US dollars.

This is the highest record in history.

Senior researcher at the institute, Diego Lopez Dalva, told AFP that Russia’s military expenditure expenditure increased by%to $ 65.9 billion. This is the third consecutive year of Russia’s military expenditure.

Daqilva said that Russian military expenditure accounts for%of the total domestic production value, which is much higher than the world average, which makes Moscow’s military expenditure fifth in the world.

Petroleum and natural gas income provides a help for Moscow’s increase in military expenditure.

Dalva pointed out that Russia’s military expenditures suddenly rose sharply near the end of last year. At that time, Russia was gathering troops at the Russian border.

On the other hand, since the Crimean incident, Ukrainian military expenditure spending has increased by 72%.

Although Ukraine’s military expenditure in 2021 fell by more than 8%to $ 5.9 billion, it still accounts for%of Ukraine’s GDP.