How to manage the message board ? open green space? Shanghai will continue to improve the level of refined management of the city’s appearance landscape

After receiving a message from the netizen, the Greening and Municipal Rong Management Bureau of Jing’an District, Shanghai actively responded: through the green management department of our bureau, the relevant departments of Jiangning Road streets surveyed and verified. Yinfa Building Property is responsible for daily maintenance management. The property reports that because the supporting green space is an open green space, there is no wall, which often causes blind flow gathering, causing dirty and disorderly drying behavior. In response, the Greening and Municipal Rong Administration of Jing’an District of Shanghai stated that the streets and our bureau requested the property to do a good job in the cleaning of daily green space. Regarding the problem of blind flow, the relevant streets will be renovated.

According to the "Fourteenth Five -Year Plan" of Shanghai Ecological Space Construction and the Optimization of the Municipal Environmental Optimization, the construction of ecological civilization has entered a period of high -quality ecological products to meet the people’s growing beautiful ecological environment. The window period for solving the problem of outstanding ecological environment.

Shanghai will do a good job of people’s livelihood security work such as comprehensive governance, ecological environment construction and protection of garbage, continue to improve the level of refined management of city capacity landscapes, and continuously enhance the people’s sense of gain and satisfaction of green space and clean environment.

The interests of the masses are small.

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