Japanese media: The US ambassador to Japan visits Okinawa and meets the county’s knowledge

It was reported on April 28. According to Kyodo News April 27th, the US ambassador to Japan Ram Emmanuel visited Okinawa County on the 27th and met with Yicheng Danny, saying that Okinawa was important for the United States and Japan. Essence After the closed door meeting, Yucheng revealed the news. Okinawa will usher in the 50th anniversary of the return to Japan from the United States on May 15th, but about%of the US military’s special facilities in Japan will be concentrated in Okinawa. Yucheng emphasized that the county citizen suffered deeply.

At the beginning of the meeting with the media, Emmanuel revealed that he visited the peaceful prayer park and the Gategate of Silk City beforehand, holding a awe.

He pointed out that the three years of Japan -US relations will determine the next 30 years of the United States, Japan, and India, and emphasize that the law and the people should be respecting the law and the people.

According to Yicheng, Emmanuel claimed on the base in non -public places that it would promote the U.S. Marine Corps in Okinawa.

Yucheng told the media that he was a person who was very straightforward and looked forward to building a relationship. It is reported that regarding the US military base, a man of the Marine Corps was prosecuted in December last year to cause injuries with mandatory intercourse, and there was no noise problems such as airplanes, as well as the US military Naha Harbor facilities in the city adjacent to the urban area (then Hegemony Port) Implementation of training, etc., the county residents’ concerns have risen.

According to reports, Emmanuel was the director of the White House Office during the Obama administration, and had a deep relationship with the then Vice President’s Biden (current president). After serving as the mayor of Chicago, he took office as the ambassador to Japan in January this year.

According to Okinawa Prefecture, the last time the US Ambassador to Japan came to the county and met with Knowledge in November 2017.