Consolidate the new chapter of the power of wisdom -warmly congratulate the victory of the Fifth Session of the 13th Session of the National Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference

The development of the wisdom and conspiracy, the new chapter of the aggregation of the effort. On March 10, the Fifth Session of the 13th National Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference successfully completed the each agenda and closed in Beijing. We congratulated the success of the conference! This is a conference of democracy, unity, truthfulness, and progress.

During the meeting, the General Secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China, the President of the CPC, and the chairman of the Central Military Commission Xi Jinjin, the party and the state leaders of the party and the state lead comrades went deep into the membership group and participated in the joint group to listen to the opinions and suggestions, and discussed with the members.

The majority of the CPPCC members must perform their duties seriously, deepen the negotiation of politics, and condense consensus extensively, listen to and review the work report of the Standing Committee of the National Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference and report on the work of the proposal. Other related reports.

The agenda of the conference is compact, pragmatic and efficient, and gives full play to the important role of the People’s Political Consultative Conference as an important channel for socialist negotiation democracy and a special consultation agency, and fully demonstrates the spirit of members of the CPPCC as a national performance and responsibility for the people, which fully demonstrates socialism The unique advantage of negotiating democracy further condenses the wisdom and strength of the new era and the new era of work. At present, the international situation has continued to undergo profound complex changes. The century -old changes and the century epidemic are intertwined. Economic globalization has encountered countercurrents. The game of great powers has become increasingly fierce. The world has entered a period of turbulent change. We have to see that my country’s development still has many strategic favorable conditions.

First, there are strong leadership of the Communist Party of China, which has always taken the overall situation and coordinated all parties to provide fundamental political guarantees for the calm and major risk challenges. Second, there is a significant advantage of the socialist system with Chinese characteristics. The political system and governance system in my country further show significant superiority in the practice of responding to the epidemic situation of new crown pneumonia and winning poverty alleviation. Vivid.

Third, there is a solid foundation for continuous and rapid development. my country’s economic strength, scientific and technological strength, national defense strength, and comprehensive national power have been significantly enhanced. , With strong toughness and vitality. Fourth, there is a long -term stable social environment. The people’s sense of gain, happiness, and security have been significantly enhanced. The level of social governance has been continuously improved, and the long -term stable miracles of society are written.

Fifth, with the spiritual power of self -confidence and self -improvement, the Chinese people’s enthusiasm, initiative, and creativity are further stimulated. The ambition, bone gas, and confidence are unprecedentedly enhanced. We must grasp favorable conditions, firmly develop confidence, carry forward the spirit of historical initiative, unswervingly do our own things, and stride forward! Now, we have achieved the first century -long goal, set foot in the new journey of comprehensively building a socialist modern country and entering the second century -old goal. The closer to the goal, the more complicated the situation, the more difficult the task. The more you need to give play to the political advantages of the Communist Party of China and the institutional advantages of socialism with Chinese characteristics, the wisdom and strength of all aspects are condensed. Thinking about the strong joint effort.

The People’s Political Consultative Conference is born of unity, surviving according to unity, and relying on unity, which is a symbol of unity and union. In the new journey, it is necessary to deeply understand the historical responsibility of strengthening the unity of Chinese children and daughters. It is the historical responsibility of the CPPCC in the New Era. It adheres to the unity of consistency and diversity. Around the Communist Party of China, more forces gathered more forces into the historical process of rejuvenating great causes. It is necessary to better play the advantages of the CPPCC’s negotiation, develop the entire process of people’s democracy, and consolidate consensus and unity with consensus, and effectively transform the advantages of the CPPCC system into national governance efficiency. Unity must have a round heart, and adherence to the heart can be all the hearts. The Communist Party of China has become the heart of the Chinese children’s unity, and is the choice of history and the choice of the people. The People’s Political Consultative Conference must adhere to the leaders of the Communist Party of China, especially the Party Central Committee, to centrally lead the leadership, consolidate and strengthen the patriotic united front under the party’s banner, effectively gather the wisdom of the Chinese people and the Chinese children at home and abroad Unity. In 2022, the Communist Party of China will hold the 20th National Congress. All aspects of work must be planned and carried out around the 20th National Congress, the 20th National Congress, and the implementation of the 20th spirit. The People’s Political Consultative Conference must be guided by Xi Jinping’s thoughts of socialism with Chinese characteristics in the new era, adhere to the general tone of the work of steady progress, adhere to the two themes of unity and democracy, and adhere to the two -way force of provisioning and consensus consensus. We condense consensus, serve high -quality development with high -quality suggestions, continue to deepen the construction of specialized consultations, and contribute to maintaining a stable and healthy economic environment, the social environment of Cathay Pacific, and the political environment of the uprightness. Unity is power, and strive to create the future.

In the new great journey, let us unite more closely around the Party Central Committee with Comrade Xi Jinping as the core, and deeply understand the decisive significance of "two establishment", strengthen the "four consciousness", strengthen the "four self -confidence", do it, do it, do it To "two maintenance", Gao Yang’s banner of ideals and beliefs, united the great power of all the hearts, maintain the courageous and firmness, strengthen the unity of Chinese children, and work together to build a socialist modern country, realize the greatness of the Chinese nation, The revival of the Chinese dream is unremittingly struggling, and strive to fight for new and greater victory and glory! (Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, March 10) Editor in charge: Yangzong.