2412 jobs! Hefei is full of "dry goods" this job fair

On the morning of March 10th, the Zhihui Hefei College Bank and the Chinese University of Science and Technology of Science and Technology, hosted by the Hefei Talent Work Leading Group, were successfully held at the University of Science and Technology of China.

This event adopts the form of offline recruitment+cloud live broadcast+on -site consultation, and build a docking platform for college graduates and enterprises online and offline. The reporter saw at the scene that the units such as Weilai Automobile and the Hefei Public Safety Research Institute of Tsinghua University were enthusiastically supported by the students, and the students who came to consult were endless. In this school recruitment, we offer 22 positions, mainly for doctoral doctors, including equipment R & D, chip, system integration and other positions. Fan Guanbing, a full -time deputy secretary of the Party Committee of Hefei Public Safety Research Institute of Tsinghua University, told reporters that the institute’s echelon training of talents requires both skilled researchers and college graduates. It is reported that this job fair, HKUST Xunfei, Lianbao Technology and other 50 key enterprises have launched 2412 jobs, mainly high -quality positions such as software and hardware engineers, R & D engineers, image vision algorithms engineers, etc. Electronics, biology, semiconductor, artificial intelligence and other categories.

In the live broadcast of the cloud, 6 well -known enterprises including Weilai Automobile and Meiya Optoelectronics recruited the anchor for the guests, and let students understand the company’s environment, corporate culture, recruitment through interactive Q & A and VCR on the line. Demand and other information, nearly 300 positions are provided online.

Original title: 2412 jobs! This job fair is "dry".