Nearly seven hundred cases of investigation and punishment in Shanghai Public Security Organs were investigated and punished

  Xinhua News Agency, Shanghai, April 29th (Reporter Zhu Xi and Yuan Quan) The deputy mayor of Shanghai and the director of the Municipal Public Security Bureau Shu Qing introduced at the press conference of the Shanghai Epidemic Prevention and Control Work on the 29th that the Shanghai Public Security Organ "Zero Rong Ren" was "zero tolerance" Cracking illegal crimes such as group purchase fraud, raising prices, and fake sale.

At present, there have been nearly 700 immune -related cases, nearly 600 administrative penalties, and nearly 100 criminal compulsory measures. At the same time, the Shanghai Public Security Organ also dispatched more than 3,400 police officers to more than 90 squares in Shanghai to set up on -site police rooms to actively resolve disputes and help. According to reports, since this round of epidemic, the Shanghai police have detected four cases of inferior pork sales, blocking a number of inferior pork flow into the market; more than 10 fraud cases such as "community group purchase and purchasing legs" were detected. Return to the deceived money to the victims; increase anti -fraud publicity and remind citizens to prevent new types of fraud and other new types of frauds such as counterfeit e -commerce customer service, and save the loss of 35 million yuan for the masses.

  In terms of road traffic, the police officer stationed at the entrance highway for 24 hours; the dynamic optimization inspection process reduced the inspection time of a car to 30 seconds; Fast release, average daily guarantee of more than 400,000 vehicles normal.

  During the epidemic, the Shanghai Public Security Organ also formed more than 1,100 communities to help the pioneer team, and actively helping the elderly and severe disabled people with community cadres, property personnel, and other special groups. repeatedly.

  It is understood that during the epidemic period, the number of public security 110 in Shanghai increased, from an average of thousands of police in the past day to an average of 10,000 per day during the epidemic period. The single -day peak value exceeded 90,000, and the cumulative police situation from more than 540,000 for help. The public security organs are fast to the 110 alarm and strive to give the necessary help or coordinate the relevant departments to actively resolve it. Editor in charge: Feng Ming.