Huiyuan Group and Jingdong Logistics reached a cooperation, and the joint efforts led the new consumption era

Mr. Wang Shenzhi, Ms. Wang Shenzhi, the manager of JD Logistics North China Branch, attended the signing ceremony and jointly signed a letter of intent for cooperation.

With the launch of this cooperation, the consumer business of Huiyuan fruit juice series is expected to break the traditional merchant distribution model, ushered in new efforts. Ms. Xianxian Xiaofang introduced the latest development of Huiyuan and future development plans, and firmly believed that the two sides will have innovation and breakthroughs.

Mr. Wang Shenzhi, manager of JD Logistics North China Branch, said that the goals and ideas of both sides are highly consistent. Through technology, the supply chain continuously penetrates, allows high -quality resources to spread, and give consumers a more pleasant experience.

At the same time as a one -stop consumer service, the two parties can also bless the two sides to jointly promote the sinking C -side channel of Huiyuan fruit juice. In the future, Huiyuan Group will continue to cooperate with Jingdong in the fields of rural revitalization, smart agriculture, digital life and other fields. , Constantly committed to helping the Chinese people with high -quality products, only a cup of good juice for 30 years. With the rise of emerging consumer groups and the advent of the new consumption era, Huiyuan keeps pace with the times, with consumer needs as the core, continuously expand product category, enrich product lineup, continuously optimize the product supply chain system, innovate brand experience, comprehensively satisfy the comprehensive satisfaction Consumers’ preferences and needs of different ages, pass the new charm of domestic products brands! Editor in charge: KJ005.