Quanzhou Expressway: In Spring Day, let Lvyi extend with the highway

Southeast Network March 12 (reporter Chen Shiting, correspondent of this website, Sun Yixian) Spring Bai Bai, Cao Changying Fei. On the eve of the tree planting festival, the Quanzhou high -speed organization carried out the theme activities of "planting green dreams · together to the future".

The event is based on the camps station, the co -construction ecological park, the green space and forest areas along the line, and plant the green hope.

Plant the backyard and plant the yin.

In Quanzhou East Camp, everyone organizes the tree points and watering for the newly planted trees this year.

As the "Mother River Award" green team of Fujian Province, the Anxi District Volunteer Service Team, this year, organized a tree planting activity as usual. From 2014 to the present, the team relies on the leisure garden -style green landscape. Serve the development and greening management of the Anxi District Highway, Station, and District Planting Greening activities. Each year, the team will jointly carry out the "trees and green" campaigns in the joint group branch, youth civilization, and local tea companies. As of now, a total of three "youth ecological parks" have been opened, more than 170 acres of artificial forests are planted, and more than 4,000 trees have been planted. The green area of ??Anxi Sennde, Anxi Guanqiao, and the camp of Anxi East is as high as 80%. The camps along the high -altitude overlooking the highway are a green ocean. With the years of construction, the highway in Fujian Province has achieved county -county as early as 2015. While exerting arterial blood and blood transfusion functions for the local economy, the pursuit of "greening, flowerization, beautification, and lighting" of the road environment " The footsteps have never stopped. In the "road environment improvement" operation last year, Quanzhou high -speed high -speed 353 kilometers of demonstration corridors, 213 kilometers of green corridors, three demonstration stations and 6 districts 2 are brightening projects. According to the relevant person in charge of Quanzhou High Speed, in the future, Quanzhou Expressway will continue to work to make the construction of the ecological park and the environmental environment of the road become an important focus of serving the revitalization of the countryside. In all directions, the beautiful Fujian is integrated into the beautiful Fujian of "fresh and livable, rivers and lakes, rhyme rhyme, mountains and seas, karma and greening, and co -governance".