Guiping: Nearly 600 volunteers join hands with garbage to create bricks and sails

Volunteers are cleaning the garbage next to the road. Qin Wenqing took this group of people on October 2nd, and there were such a group of people in Guiping City: they wear red vest, wearing a small red hat, holding a long handle clip, sweeping, pliers, and making garbage bags. They may not meet each other, but they have the same name – volunteers.

They use mortal to give the seeds of civilization, and use their actions to warm the city.

It is reported that this is the "Welcome National Day · Civilized City" theme of "Welcome National Day, Civilized City" theme, and participated in the environmental public welfare volunteer service activities.

Volunteers are temporary, but the changes in volunteer spirit are long and profound.

Liang Huaxi, a small volunteer of the sixth grade of Guiping City Experimental Primary School, said: "After this volunteer event, the body is very tired, but the spirit is very enjoyable. Combine the volunteer activities and environmental protection activities, not only can learn Carry forward hard work, selfless dedication.

At the same time, you can beautify the environment and inform people around you.

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