Hangzhou: "Diji Bowl" in the Fortune Outlet becomes "Golden Food Bowl"

  "Daohuaxiang said Feng Yeng, listening to the sound of frog.

"It is also a year of Husfeita, and Zhang Yunming, Zhang Yun, Zhang Yun, Zhang Yun, Zhangyun Town, Yuhang District, Hangzhou, looking at the harvester roared in the field. The bronze face is full of smiles. In these two years, planting food has given him two three Surprise, in addition to high yield, related industry revenue makes his day to thrive.

  Increasing production income, "downtown" in grain production becomes "Golden Food Bowl", Chen Lingming, who is 57 years old, has been contracting in land planting food in 2007. Today, for more than ten years, planting scale has also expanded to 1500 mu, the annual output value reached 270 10,000 yuan.

In April last year, he was named the advanced individuals with large grain farmers by Yuhang District.

  "This year’s food harvest, the acres can reach 1400 pounds.

"Chen Lianming is very joy."

  Fengnian guarantees increased production, how to increase the increasing major events of Chen Lian Ming.

Since the previous year, Chen Lianming has specified 5 acres of new varieties of rice. The rice grinding rice is even more soft, and the market price is also higher. Chen Lianming told reporters that the market price of ordinary rice is one pound, but this new variety, the price can reach a yuan one pound, and the whole is more than 1 yuan.

This year, Chen Lianming increased the area of ??planting to 100 mu, and it can receive more than 1400 yuan per acre, 100 mu can be more than 140,000 yuan.

  "I have worried that the market sales problem is not dare to grow. After 5 acres in the previous year, the customer is very satisfied with the new product. I put it on the hands and feet. I have a 50 acres last year. I have increased to 100 mu this year. .

Chen Lianming said with a smile.

"Now the people have a good day, not only to eat, but also eat well, we plant high-quality food supply market, to turn the ‘dining rice bowl" of food production into the’ Golden Food Bowl ‘. "Policy is supported, and the field has become a new world. Let Chen Lie Ming are more happy to support the government and related units on agricultural production. It is an important crop of Zhang Ji Village and is also an important source of income of local farmers, but it also produces about 3,000 tons of white shells each year.

The white shell is hard, not easy to rot, how to deal with these white shells into a local problem.

In April last year, Chen Lianming has established Hangzhou Mairah Agricultural Technology Co., Ltd. at the support of the local government, and processes the white shell and rice straw into fertilizer.

  It is understood that the price of straw treatment system is worth more than 1 million yuan, plus other construction plants, purchase vehicle equipment, etc., a total of more than 2 million yuan. "The government has batchfully, gave subsidies, I took out my own savings, but so that there is less liquidation.

Just, when the bottle of agricultural bank took the initiative to find the door, no mortgage, gave me 300,000 yuan, and the annual interest rate as long as three o’clock, my funds are also abundant.

In this way, the straw processing system is online.

"Chen Lianming told reporters" "This system crushed straw, white shell, and later fermented into fertilizers, can replace partial fertilizer. Now pulling my white shell and straw at about 50 tons every day, can produce 25 tons of fertilizer. It turned out that the stinky white shell is now turned into fertilizers. "There is a weighbridge at the door of Hangzhou Mai Straw Agricultural Technology Co., Ltd., and the white shell and straw transported every day must be weighed. Weighing the system will transfer the data to the relevant departments, the relevant departments give 200 yuan / ton subsidies Science and transparent.

  "At present, the fertilizer we produce is mainly used in its own rice fields.

In these two years, the Hangzhou Agriculture Bureau also sets the test field of self-production fertilizers. It can save 20 yuan per mu. Since this year, fertilizer prices have risen a lot, and we save money more.

"Chen Lianming introduced," In addition, some fertilizers are also sold in the market. They have already sold Hangzhou Xiaoshan, Shanghai and other places, 300 yuan per ton, sold 2,000 tons last year, and this piece can be sold to 600,000 yuan.

"At present, this system can increase more than 2.5 million yuan in Chen Lingming each year.

  "Next, we will upgrade the system, built a fully automatic dust-free system, more investment, need three, 4 million yuan, but the production of these years, let me have very confident in this investment Our farmers can also live a better day. "Chen Lianming pointed at a pile of fertilizers, in his eyes, it was a" Jinshan ".

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