Harmony of the harmony of the integration of the integration of the construction of the urban construction and towns in small towns

Castle, Edge, Desolatening, Immigration Village, once is the impression of people in Beibao Town, Ximei District, Yinchuan City.

But now, you will find far more than this.

Now, here has become the center of the Yinchuan West Line Tourism Gallery. Helan Mountain Fugong Folport Town Natural Spa, Huaxi Village Experience Farm, United Village’s Organic Wine, Wine Experience in Yuyuan Village … A rural scenery, a casual cultural industry, not only reserved the nostalgic feelings of the town Add a lot of modern elements, don’t have a style. A few days ago, the Bank of the Autonomous Region Housing and Urban-Rural Development announced the list of the first batch of high-standard key small towns this year. It entered the town of Beibao Town in Xixia District. It is also selected as the Huiyang District, Huiyang District, Shizuishan, Wuzhong City. Gahawo Town, Yanchi County, Pengbao Town, Shiye Town, Zhongning County, Zhongwei City. These five high-standard key small town construction projects will also support 16 million yuan for the financial rewards of autonomous regions for 3 consecutive years.

Yang Pu, the General Master of the Self-Government Housing and Urban-Rural Development Department, Yang Po, Director of Village, told reporters that the high-standard construction of high-standard construction does not only carry the development needs of rural urbanization and farmers, will also add new kinetic energy to regional economic development, injection New energetic, becoming a new engine with economic growth in Liancheng. Take a total of 39 construction projects in the town of Xixia District, 2021 to 2023, and the total investment of project estimates is more than 3.2 billion yuan, and 19 will be implemented this year.

Among them, the "Helan Mountain Future Film and Television Town Improvement Reconstruction Project" will complete the renovation of Helan Shandong Wine Exhibition Center. "Kangsuiyuan Grape Ecological Vinegar Factory Construction Project" integrates cultural display, consumption poverty alleviation, and farming experience.

"Zhenbei Pao Town Film Digital Rural Construction Project" further improves the infrastructure of film and television and television industry by introducing high-tech and information such as digitalization, informationization. "Helan Shandong Wine Base Standardization and Digital Platform Construction Project" builds a full-link agricultural data sensing network, allowing grapes more intelligent. "High-standard key small towns, no longer a traditional" town ", but an industrial, cultural, tourism, and community function superimposed development space platform.

"Yang Pan said that the high standard key small town is in the new historical period, in accordance with new requirements for new requirements such as urban and rural integration, agriculture and rural modernization, production and life ecological coordinating layout, start implementation, modernization demonstration Driving a project. Specifically, it is to highlight the integration of the production and towns, the harmony of human towns, the scientific planning of small towns construction scale, spatial layout, functional form, feature, promote the design, linkage construction of the town countryside, and joint construction. At the same time, in the construction To oversee implementation of planning layout, infrastructure, public service, industrial development, ecological environmental protection, social governance "six integration", through the construction of various types of production factors, products, services, service collection, central supply, agglomerated urban and rural industries The body, build a blend of the one-two-three industries, and the regional development of people’s property, thereby eliminating urban and rural production factors and economic circulation, promoting urban villages, and become a regional center for serving farmers. According to autonomous regional housing and urban and rural construction department, responsible Introduction, high standard key small town construction projects aimed at promoting new urbanization and regional agricultural rural modern trees and new bureaus.

Next, the district housing construction sector will focus on ecological protection and construction quality of the Yellow River basin development first area, continue to build national unity and economic prosperity and beautiful environment, beautiful new rich people in Ningxia goals, high standards of quality planning and building projects focus on small towns.

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