Henan Nanyang: Epidemic prevention and control + love help farmers volunteering warm heart

2021-11-16 Nanyang Civilization Network Nanyang City extensively launched the theme activity of "Learning Citizen Epidemic Prevention Conduct" to further improve the total social epidemic prevention, give full play to the avant-garde of party members, November 12, Nanyang Municipal Party Propaganda Department, Municipal Committee NetworkThe organization organized the "Learning Citizen Epidemic Prevention Conduct" Theme Party Day activities, through the form of a variety of forms, effective people’s mission activities, earnestly improve the consciousness of the party members "School Guidelines, Guide", and open the "Last" of the publicity and education servicesKili, build an epidemic prevention and control of the whole people.

Nanyang Municipal Party Committee Propaganda Department, the Municipal Party Committee Nets Office Party Volunteers went into the community to give masks. Source: Nanyang Civilization Network Activity, Comrade, Party Member of the Municipal Party Committee, first studied the Civil Epidemic Prevention Code of Conduct, for citizenship epidemic prevention guidelines, and different people’s health protection criteria and different people’s health protection standards. Learn, combined with the status quo of epidemic prevention and control in the current jurisdiction, and summarize the branch. Subsequently, the party members of the organ launched the theme party day activities in the Xiaoguan community in Wancheng District. Volunteers claimed the service position in the community, carrying out the "one-on-one" entrance to visit the publicity activities, and improve the awareness rate and participation of the "Guidament" by issuing the "Guidelines" promotional page, hanging banner, etc. People’s study guidelines, people abide by the strong atmosphere of guidelines.

On November 12th, the people’s court of Wancheng District launched the theme of "Learning Citizen Epidemic Prevention Conduct" Theme Party Day activities, party members volunteers to Xinhua Street, Fuyang Community Propaganda epidemic prevention and control knowledge. Image Source: Nanyang Evening News Assembly, in order to do a good job in the prevention and control of the epidemic, the PLA’s propaganda department quickly responded, took the initiative, and took the lead in formulating the "Wolong District New Crown Pneumonia Epidemic Prevention and Control Protection Prevention and Control Program", held a special meeting arrangement Dispute prevention and control publicity work. As of November 11, there were more than 500 publicity banners, and more than 40 vehicles were promoted, and more than 160 small speaker broadcasts "Nanyang City Wolong District Epidemic Prevention and Control Command to the general public Letter, printed and posted more than 3,000 anti-epidemic trip prices, posting a notification, a letter and other more than 4,000 parts, coordinate the size of the size electronic screen in the jurisdiction to scroll to play an epidemic propaganda slogan.

At the same time, relying on the new media platform, radio and television, radio, etc. of the area, and released the prevention and control information, rolling the epidemic prevention and control tips, and created a strong epidemic prevention atmosphere. Nanyang City has carried out "civilized and health" epidemic prevention and control volunteer service activities on November 14, Nanyang Volunteers organized volunteers to carry out "anti-prevention, my health peers" epidemic prevention and control volunteer service activities, persuade the people to properly wear masks, strengthen Self-protection, obeying epidemic prevention measures, maintaining health responsibilities.

Nanyang volunteers conducted exhibition in the park. Image Source: Nanyang volunteer activities, Nanyang volunteers handheld epidemic prevention and control promotional guidance, in the park, people who have not worn masks are persuasive, publicize the relevant epidemic prevention knowledge, and send them masks.

"Hello, please wear a mask, do your self-protection" "Hello, please pay attention to keep the safe distance, don’t take it" "Hello, send you a mask, wear safer" … In exchange for the citizens a smile.

"See everyone in our reminder, wearing a mask, maintaining a social distance, full of accomplishment …" Nanyang Volunteer Federation, said that epidemic prevention and control is related to everyone’s life and health, civilized health Nanyang construction needs Each citizen’s support and participation, as a volunteer, should lead to a manner, guide the people from self, and jointly build a good epidemic prevention and control barrier.

Nanyang Hydrological Bureau party volunteers volunteers to help the villagers in Wangzhuang Village to promote epidemic prevention and control knowledge.

Image Source: Nanyang City Hydrological Bureau, in the past few days, Nanyang City, counties and cities have organized the majority of volunteers to actively carry out "civilized health volunteers" epidemic prevention and control volunteer service activities, November 12th, Nanyang Guanzhuang District organizes cadres And Henan oilfield retired employee, walk into the streets, enter the community, carry out the exhibition of the volunteers, to persuade the public to wear masks with practical action; high-risk Nanyang Branch party volunteers to China Zhongguancun Nanyang Science and Technology Industrial Park to carry out "civilized health Volunteer has "volunteer service activities," Civil Epidemic Prevention Code "leaflets are issued in the community, and the masks are issued free of charge for the public; on November 12th, the volunteers of the Tanghe County Water Resources Bureau in Tanghe County On the side of the epidemic prevention and control knowledge propaganda page, one side is civilized and persuade unwind masks, and gives its masks … The majority of volunteers are going on the streets, in-depth community, advocate everyone to develop a good habit of wearing a mask, letting go out Wearing a mask "Become a conscious action, and practical and controlling the sturdy line.

  Nanyang volunteers carry out love to help farm volunteers. "We are love to help farmers, sweet potatoes can be delicious, a bag of 10 yuan.

"A few days ago, in the Nanyang City Bayi Road Farmers Market, a sweet potato, a few volunteers wearing the red vest, the" volunteer helping sales point "brand, attracted many people to come to buy a lot of people Love helps the rural volunteer service activity scene. Image source: Longteng Nanyang "Thanks to the volunteers of the Municipal Community Volunteer Association.

"After watching the volunteers, Liu Wei said excitedly to reporters.

He is a person in Xilongzhuang Village, Wuxihe Town, Wolong District. This year, a 120 acres of sweet potato, due to the sweet potato to storage temperature, high humidity requirements, his home storage conditions are not reached, and the sweet potato is fast, it goes out to him. Top priority.

  "At that time, I thought of many points, didn’t consider the problem of sales.

Liu Wei said that from October, the sweet potato has harvested, but the sales made him difficult.

After learning this news, the volunteers of the Nanyang Community Volunteer Association immediately act, except for their purchase of sweet potatoes, also incorporated the "salesman", recommended to relatives and friends, unit colleagues and community neighbors, and send information to each WeChat group finds a pin. "For more than 20 minutes, I sold 40 bags of sweet potatoes. I saw that the masses saw it is ‘love help far’, they are very supported, and I will give us a little bit." Busy volunteers who are busy before the sweet potato booth in Nanyang Bayi Road Reporter, until 12 noon, they sold more than 100 bags of sweet potatoes. (Nanyang Civilization Network Integrated Meng Xi).