Heilongjiang Province re-established 16 industrial sector engineering technical personnel title evaluation criteria

Original title: The province’s re-establishment of 16 industrial sector engineering talent titles The standard reporter learned from the Provincial People’s Office, recently, the provincial people’s social hall will jointly introduce 15 departments of the Ministry of Industry and Technology, "Heilongjiang Province Deepening Engineering Technical Talents" The National Reform Implementation Plan of Title System has been reformably issued in the issue of engineering and technical talent titles in 16 industries. The evaluation criteria will begin to perform from 2022. The reform of this engineering technical personnel title system mainly includes five aspects: First, in terms of improving level settings, in accordance with national unified provisions, the "positive senior engineer" title is added, and the engineering and technical personnel profession promotion space, and the past "researcher-level Senior engineers "Order transition and connection. It is understood that from 2012, Heilongjiang Province has carried out the "Researcher-level senior engineer" review in the engineering series, and walked in the national title reform, in the future, the unified norm is "positive senior engineers". Second, in terms of review professional settings, according to the new round of party and government reform department function adjustment, combined with the development of the Heilongjiang Province industry, adjustment and optimization sets natural resource engineering, ecological environmental engineering, forestry grassland project, market supervision project; according to key points The development needs of emerging industry are added, and logistics express engineering, communication engineering. At the same time, according to the demand for industrial development in Heilongjiang Province, focus on strategic emerging industries, and conduct dynamic adjustments and improvement in major.

The third is to improve the evaluation criteria, implement classification of talent evaluation mechanism reform requirements, distinguish the occupational characteristics of engineering and technical personnel of different industries, different positions, different levels, breaking the only academic qualifications, only capital, the like, the prize, etc., highlighting technical , Practical and innovative, encouragement of the original raw high-level results, promoting outstanding talents stand out, more focusing on the tilting of the grassroots level, scientific, objective, and fair evaluation engineering technical personnel. IV is the professional (safety engineering, communication engineering) of national unified vocational qualification examinations in engineering technology, no longer carrying out the title review and identification of the corresponding level, and obtain professional qualifications in the engineering field to determine the corresponding level titles. And can be used as a condition for declaring high-level titles.

Fifth, in terms of through professional development, according to the state "on the implementation of high-skilled talents and engineering technical personnel development in engineering technology", refine policy measures, encourage support for technical skills in engineering and technical fields. High-skilled talents, with high-level workers above occupational qualifications or vocational skills, can declare the review of engineering and technical talent titles. (Reporter Guo Minghua) (Editor: Zhang Qi, Zhao Yi) Sharing let more people see recommendation reading.