Going to Guizhou to teach Beijing Sports University Hu Shaohui to go "new" is more worrying

Teacher Hu Shaohui is in class.People’s Daily Network Chen Jingjing took the reporter into the playground, the students won the soul, and the sound of the sounds, and the uniforms showed the children’s eight paragraphs, and the scene was spectacular.Hu Shaohui used the 12-time 25 minutes to professor 549 students to the school’s eight-segment Jinwu, but the one to the second grade has different differences in some technical actions. It tests the teacher from Beijing.Hu Shaohui needs to take time to consolidate them.In order to approach and integrate with the students as soon as possible, Hu Shao Hui is very painful.

Before practicing, he usually interacts with the children, mobilizing the atmosphere, such as letting them do warm-up exercise, reciting songs, review exercises.Now, Hu Shaohui will have a group of students around him as long as they appear in the playground.

"These lovely students make me happy!" Hu Shaohu said that a short education activity made him experience the hardships and responsibility of a teacher.