Grab the ticket acceleration package is not reliable, the platform should bear the responsibility of the defense

Original title: The ticket accelerated package is not reliable. The platform should bear the complaint of the consumer to grab the ticket after a platform "4 minutes after 4 minutes of the train", "Railway 12306" official WeChat issued a text It is pointed out that the acceleration package used by the consumer does not have priority purchase rights. According to reports, these so-called "acceleration packages" are designed and provided by a third-party platform, not the official function of the railway 12306 website, and cannot guarantee the ticket to the user.

  The train has been departed at 7:44, but consumers receive the prompted ticket is at 7:28, and consumers must have no way to travel, so they ask for refund.

The problem is that the ticket is sold, but the text message that prompts the ticket is not 12306, because the consumer is purchased in a third party platform, so SMS is sent by the platform. In this case, 12306 refuses to refund refund is reasonable. Consumers use the accelerated package to grab the ticket, just want to improve the success rate of purchase tickets, get the train ticket early, the result of the platform is still late than the departure time. This obviously did not reach the "acceleration" purpose, the charging ticket for the platform failed, but the consumer wanted to refund, but it was rejected by the platform.

The responsibility of the "Tip Software Ball Ticket Delay" is responsible for the platform, and the platform shall bear all the losses, refund the refund according to the service agreement, and make corresponding compensation, and can not remove responsibility, so that consumers are damaged. In order to attract the user, the ticket software provides a ticket service such as "VIP acceleration package" "friend help", claims that it is a grab auxiliary means, using the acceleration package can improve the success rate of the ticket, accelerate the maximum packages The greater the success rate, you can "give priority to the ticket" cloud cloud. Of course, the acceleration package is not provided free of charge, requiring users to spend money, or obtain a free acceleration package by completing various promotion tasks.

It can be seen that users choose to speed up the package service, the fact is to spend money to buy a ticket service, the platform should fulfill the agreement, to achieve the promise of "priority ticket", otherwise it should apologize, refund compensation. The major platforms are in order to attract traffic, over-boasting the acceleration package function, and many users achieve the "priority ticket" dream in order to "prioritize" in the environment of "one ticket is hard to find", and they will pay for the real gold. However, 12306 Language Break Treasure, consumers use the acceleration package that can not have priority purchase rights, no matter which ticket purchase software, eventually queues "get on the car" in the railway 12306 ticket purchase system. It can be seen that the "priority ticket" claimed by the platform is a false propaganda, and it is a hype of hype, and it is necessary to temptation and harvest user traffic. The false propaganda of the ticket software platform, advocating the acceleration package "Effect", induces consumers to purchase the improper practice of the package service, so that consumers spend money, they have to have services, legal rights are damaged. Therefore, the regulatory authorities should take measures to disciplinary, and the platform must not take the "priority ticket" to deceive consumers, and urge the platform to completely rectify, eliminate the negative impact of false propaganda, apologize to the public. At present, the train ticket can only be purchased by the 12306 ticket purchase system. The majority of consumers should recognize the truth of the ticketing software, don’t easily believe in the platform’s excessive promotion of the ticket function.

During the holidays, during the travel season, the train tickets faced by the supply and demand, "one ticket is hard to find" is impossible to solve the short-term solution, the consumer is not as good as a non-reliable acceleration package, which is better to use 12306 "candidate ticket" function, It is also likely to have a "leak" miracle.

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