2021 World Brand 500 strong release Shandong 3 brands on the list

The 2021 (18th) "World Brand 500" list was announced on the 7th of the "World Brand 500" list. Google, Amazon, Microsoft, top three. The United States occupies 198 seats in the top 500, and the first of the country is first. China’s brand is selected as 44, continue to maintain the fourth place. Among them, Haier has been selected for 500 world brands for more than 18 years, ranking to the 37th of the world, and ranked top three in the top three consecutive years. Qingdao Beer and Wei Bridge are also ranked among the world, ranging from 292 and 462, respectively.

The World Brand 500 "(TheWorlds 500" (TheWorlds) released for 18 consecutive years, and its judgment is the ability of Brandinflunce, namely brand development market, occupying the market and obtaining profits. According to the three key indicators of brand influence, the market share, BrandloyalTy, the world brand laboratory, the world brand laboratory comprehensive score of approximately 15,000 well-known brands worldwide, and finally launched The world’s most influential 500 brands. This year’s rankings are selected in a total of 31 countries. From the national distribution of the number of brands, the United States has 48, 46, Japan, China and the United Kingdom in the United States. It is the second camp in the world’s brand big country. Germany, Switzerland and Italy are ranked third camps, with 26, 17 and 15 brands. This year, "World Brand 500" has covered 47 industries. Among them, there are 37 brands in the automotive and parts industry, and the ranking continues to maintain the first; the food and beverage industry has 34 brands on the list, the second column is second; the media industry has 28 brands on the list, the same is flat last year; energy is 27 The brand is ranked fourth on the list.