Fujian Energy Supervision Office organized a symposium on the power grid enterprise safety supervision

  In order to further do the safety of electric power construction safety in Fujian Province, the year-end electricity construction safety work, comprehensively implement the National Energy Administration and the Provincial Party Administration of the Provincial Government on the Deployment Requirements for this winter, Spring Festival Energy, December 2021 On the day, the Fujian Energy Supervision Office organized the provincial power grid enterprise safety production supervision work symposium, Guo Net Fujian Electric Power Co., Ltd. and its 9 (city) power supply company, Guo Net Fujian ultra high pressure company, National Network Fujian sent a change 12 grid enterprise security person in charge of the company participated in the meeting.

  At the meeting, everyone implemented the new "Safety Production Law" "Special Rehabilitation of Electric Power Safety Production" and discussed, and put forward four points from the winter and winter, the power grid maintenance, construction plan during the winter, winter Requirements: First, the grid business must pay high attention, layered, compact, and develop practical power safety and power supply plan, resolutely prevent and curb electric safety accidents, and ensure that this winter is safe and reliable. Second, we deepen the network source collaboration, scientifically predict the power supply and electricity load changes, coordinate power supply and equipment maintenance requirements, assess the actual situation of non-planned flying units and disease running units, orderly arrangement of generator sets, maintenance and temporary . The third is highly attached great importance to equipment operation safety, continuously enhance equipment defect management level, and focus on the maintenance of electricity safety accidents due to line covers, flashing, external force damage, etc. The fourth is to enhance the emergency response plan for emergency, and improve the emergency plan for low-temperature rain and snow-free disasters. It is targeted to organize emergency drills, strengthen emergency coordination linkage, improve the emergency response ability and level of preventing disasters. Next, the Fujian Energy Supervision Office will strengthen the interaction with the power grid safety supervision of Fujian, China, and establish a new power grid safety work conference and emergency mechanism, and do not have a good current energy insurance for Fujian Province. Provide powerful security. .