Exploration of "Lane Working Law" in Hengyang Zhuhui District, Hunan, Hunan: Discovery more accurate grassroots governance more effective

In response to the social situation, the cadres are not communicating, the problem is not communicating, the problem is unhappy, etc., Zhuhui District, Hengyang City, Hunan Province, adheres to the party building leadership, and promotes the "community governance small districts, community management, propertyization, property management rule" For the "three" governance model of the main content and "Lane Working Law" in the "Sanqing Sanqing, Three Looking Three Messemen, Six Feeds" as the main content, so that grassroots governance is more powerful. Grid is reasonable, and the governance is more accurate.

Zhuhui District is divided into 479 grids in combination with the principle of scale, convenient management, effective configuration resources, combined with regional zoning, resident group, demand, etc. After the work strength is in place, Zhuhui District has passed the "Lidiang Work Law" to make the grassroots governance task clearer. "Three clear words", that is, a short week, inventory work, and difficult to analyze.

What is the higher-level indication? What is the point of work? What is the current situation? What is the cause of the problem; what is the cause of today and the next task? "Three looks three-in-door", is from community workers, net whose regularity to the grid into the building, see keyplaces, see the living environment, watch the project site; the head of the leader, the key households such as the upper school, The door of a difficult household, let the door to the household.

"Six Fe Feedback", that is, in the first-line process, key checkpoints, check the incident, check the well-being, inspiring, check the risk, check the disaster; for the problem of finding, feedback, the game is collected When the feedback processing department, the feedback processing progress is required for a longer period of time, the problem is completed, and the problem is temporarily unable to solve the reason for feedback, and the problem is timely feedback. Responsibility is compacted, and the governance is powerful.

The Topic Study of the Standing Committee of the Zhuhui District Committee has issued the "Governance Work Plan" in Zhuhui District Party Construction.

The issue of "three-to-three ones" discovery, according to the principle of layered classification: the problem of the community level can be solved, take out the solution or agree to the date on the daily "for a while", and do the "Japanese Office" "; For on-site difficulties, complicated issues, combing into a list of questions, the Township Party (Work) Committee held a special conference study, clear the responsible station, responsible person, and inter-week; for the township level Question, by the District Leading Group Office to the relevant functional departments, the responsible function department dealt with in place within a week, and respond to the community in time; for special urgent, "report"; Solved, explain to the masses clear.

After receiving the courage, the community is promptly publicized in time.

Focus on people’s livelihood, small people, this grassroots governance pattern is in order to promote a large number of issues.

As of October this year, there were 267 questions in the region, and 522 people appeared were accepted, and 482 issues have been solved.

"The functions of the functions of the functional department, the party members and cadres have set up practical things, improve the work style, close the relationship. One person is responsible, everyone is responsible, everyone’s grassroots governance system is being formed.

Wei Zhong, secretary of the Zhuhui District Party Committee. "People’s Daily" (11th edition, December 09, 2021) (Editor: Li Shujing, Luo Shuai) Sharing Let more people see client download.