Guigang City Hong Kong District: The oil tea industry is a "oil"

In the Midsummer Times, I walked into the white flower mountain oil tea planting base in Guizhou Village, Qi Shi Township, Hong Kong City, Guigang City. The oil tea tree is full of wild, and the oil tea is full of branches.

These oil tea trees are not only the beauty of the mountain, but also the "shake money tree" that the masses get rid of poverty.

Liao Shengshi, a poor household in the base, said: "I am sick, my child is getting sick, I need to take care of my family. I can go to work at home. There are more than 2,000 wages per month, work and care, I am very satisfied. .

"In Guizhong Village, the radiation of oil tea planting base has driven more than 40 poverty points.

Guizhong Village is located in the mountainous area, most villagers go out to workers, many mountains have been treated. In recent years, Guizhong Village has been in green development as a philosophy. In-depth implementation of "Jinshan Yinshan Yinshan" project, launching economic energy people Liao Shengliang to develop oil tea industry, with "cooperative + farmers" model, build "one village one industry" special industry, build " Industry leads, employment income "pattern. Liao Shengliang gratefully calculated a bill: there were about more than 500,000 kilograms of base oil tea this year, and it is expected that there is more than 10,000 kilograms of mountain tea oil.

To average yield period, each acre of oil tea tree average annual dry oil tea seeds 150-200 kg, can produce 30-50 kg of mountain tea oil, according to the current market price of 100-200 yuan / kg mountain tea oil, with an average of about 6,000 yuan per mu, The base has at least more than 10 million yuan.

The white flower mountain oil tea planting base also provides seedlings and planting management technologies to the villagers who are willing to participate in the oil tea planting industry, attracting the masses to participate in the oil tea industry and achieve resource integration to improve industrial benefits.

Poor House Liaojiaze is planted more than 800 oil tea trees, can be hanging next year.

At present, there is more than 2,700 acres of oil tea in Guizhong Village.

In order to strengthen the oil tea industry, Guizhong Village accelerate the construction of oil tea plant, build oil, canned production line, and register the mountain tea oil as the "Wingwang Towns" brand, sold all over the country.

In order to start the "Wingwang Township", the first secretary of Guizhen Village Huang Jie Wen is the gone of the goblin, and promotes the promotion of the Youth Creative Market of Guigang. According to Huang Jie, there are many effects such as improving blood circulation, lowering blood fat, beauty, and is quite favored.

"More than 20 boxes can be sold a day, and each box will sell 138 yuan for two pounds of tea.

"Hong Kong North District takes oil tea as a rural Xinglin rich industry, constantly doing a strong oil tea industry, promoting the poverty attack, and promotes the revitalization of rural villages.

In the six village oil tea planting base in Zhongli Township, there are more than 230 acres of oil tea trees, and some have hung up fruit.

The leader of the base is introduced by "cooperative + base + enriched" model, driving 10 households’ employment income, and uses organic fertilizer planting to create selenium-enriched organic oil tea with neutral characteristics.

"This year, the tea oil is expected to produce 2500 pounds, mainly relying on the sales of e-commerce platforms, this mountain soil is rich in selenium-rich elements, the base is applying for selenium-enriched agricultural products.

"Six village oil tea planting base has also become the oil tea experimental base of Guangxi Normal University, technical experts often go to base research activities to promote research activities, promote new technology, providing strong technical protection for the development of oil tea industry, let the tea oil tree become Get rich, broaden the income of the masses, get rich. (Wang Yong, Lu Hongxia).