Haier Zhijia Double 11: Continuous Top 11 Days! Jingdong all-class sales

Double 11 Wars is still ongoing, what is the performance of the home appliance industry? From the Jingdong Racing List from October 31- November 10, Haier Zhage’s comprehensive class capacity is the highest by the user’s recognition.

It is difficult to find that Haiero home has ranked first in 11 consecutive days.

It not only won the top first, and the first and ice, wash, etc. ", and won the" service reputation "ice, wash, empty, heat, etc. Seven service word of mouth is the first.

Why can Haer Zhijia have been seized and stayed first? The first is that the user experience is good, and the user is well used to order; secondly, the service is in place, responds to user needs, full process service, and the user’s word of mouth can achieve a benign loop.

The experience is wins, and the user has been used to make the user with the quality of life, the user will order more than paying attention to the price, but the comprehensive consideration is not satisfied with the demand.

Hairzi home is to capture this, based on good products, good technology, and use the ultra-expected use experience to impose users.

In response to the problem in the user’s clothing and educational life, the Haier House is really impressing the user by launching a series of self-contained black technology explosions. Others are only selling washing machines, air conditioning and other items, but the Hailz home is a scene experience such as smart toiletries, healthy breathing.

Is it difficult to wash the high-end clothing? Neutron and Beauty Washing Care Machine in the Charity Set, Joined, Dry, Protective Three-in-One, one button to make cashmere, fur and other washing. Is there a odor in domestic pet? The air conditioning air conditioner in the cute pet set is one-machine top eight machines. The indoor air is always naturally fresh … Wisdom effect, service makes users trust and constantly innovative wisdom life scenes, Haier Wishaby consistently a high-level user Service Level. Others may give the user to the door, the installation is complete, the service is over, the Haier House is provided with a lifetime service, follow-up product maintenance, scene update to all space wisdom life, one tube to the end.

Because of this, Haier Zhage not only continues to ran out of service reputation list, but also trusted by various users in young users.

Such a good user word of mouth is fermented, so that more users become the "iron powder" of Haiero home.

In fact, on the eve of Double 11, Hairza family has just released the third quarter of the third quarter of the 2021, which presents revenue, net profit, and a series of high intensive heads. The double 11 record is leading the continuation of its growth momentum. It is believed that the Haier Home has provided the user with more trend of smart living scenes, more thoughtful service, more innovative experience, will will usher in the peak of the finals.