Hong Kong South District is "station" as a member of the young "in the bridge"

Zhanjiang Town Country Clean Volunteer Service Activities.

The HKST commission is an efficient performance, based on the position, showout the establishment of the "Qing" style "group representative liaison station, let us have the feeling of" home ", and the passion of entering the station is higher.

"" Become a representative of the group feels more honors, and there is also a responsibility. "The establishment of the contact station, let me play my professional expertise, can contact youth in combination with your own work, helping youth! "The representatives of the members have been very emotional. Since the pilot work of the county common group reforms Ok, good visit, good visit, volunteer, good "six good performance law", combined with "I do a matter of youth", organize representatives at all levels to conduct field research, discussions, and carry out volunteer service activities, etc. The professional expertise of the delegates will be applied to the group representative position, and the leader represents high efficiency.

29 representative special groups representing a representative liaison station in Hong Kong South District, conducting a study and training, carrying out a survey visit, conducting a volunteer service activities, and the total organizational group representatives have more than 100 activities. Field, "Station" in 500 municipalities, districts, and delegations participated in the "station" activities to contact the members of more than 10,000 people, organized to conduct investigation and visits, volunteering more than 3,000 hours, and performance efficiency increased significantly. At the same time, Hong Kong South District actively promoted the integration of the integration construction of "Contact Station + Youth House" in Hong Kong District and "Youth House". Re-combine new blood and new resources, actively create a batch of temperature, characteristic service brands. Innovation to carry out the "mentally" public welfare donation activities, pass the line to the wishes, fundraising and other means, will turn the first batch of more than 250 wishes into reality, let the teenagers feel the warmth of the party .

Establish a volunteer service of "Rural Revitalization, Youth Song", "Lightning and Music, Circle Revival Dream" "Youth Entrepreneur Salon" "River Xiaoyu" "Hope Project" and other public welfare projects, promote volunteer service with public welfare projects Conduct, let delegates have a broader performance space.

As of the end of October, more than 500 groups of 500 groups in Hong Kong have all entered the "station" to report, and the group representative preached more than 100 times, carrying out more than 20 kinds of young networking activities, more than 100 pieces of civil work, carrying out the control of epidemic prevention, Caring for the 70s of the minors, flood protection and self-care education, safety mission activities, participated in more than 1,000 survey activities, through the online line, fundraising, fundraising, etc., light the first batch of more than 250 "Hearting", let the teen people feel the warmth of the party in the demands, carry out the "Hope Project, Dream Action" to fund 95 people, and raise social funds more than 29 million yuan. The Communist Youth League is the party’s assistant and the reserve army. Only when you keep in touch with the youth, the work of the Communist Youth League can "ground the gas".

Guangxi Guigang City, Hong Kong South District, the town (street) in the jurisdiction, representing the "six good performance law", according to the "three one" work requirements to promote the construction of the liaison station, let the contact station become the representative role of the development team Implementation of the effective carrier, important platform and basic relying on the representative of the mission, and become the "straight train" of the group of the group of the group of the Group of Hong Kong South District. () (Editor: Wang Yong, Huang Yumei) Sharing let more people see.