Guangxi Jinxiu: Fair Mediation is the people

The parties sent a banner to the head of the judiciary.

Jin Xiu County Justice Bureau for the map of the People’s Nettle Show November 17 On November 16th, the staff of the Judicial Bureau of Jinxiu Yao Autonomous County Judicial Bureau received the banner sent by the parties.

This is the fifth banner that has been governed by the rule of Justice this year.

At the end of September 2021, Wei Moumou, who came to the head of the house, came to the head rule of justice. Understand, Wei Mou has contradictory with his brother, his brother is not normal, takes Wei Mou out the lock of the brother’s house, claiming Wei Mou said that Wei Mou should limit his actions, and threatened to beaten Wei Mou certain. After understanding the situation, the judicial staff immediately went to the scene to understand the situation, but did not find Wei Mou’s younger brother, can only help WW in the house. On November 12th, Wei Mou once again came to the judicial reflection of the door to be locked, the head ruler of the judicial media to the site mediation, during the period, and the younger brother Wei Moumou was excited, took the knife threat. The mediator is not afraid, while appealing the parties, let the interpretation are explained. Under the mediator’s efforts, the end of the end of the brothers will be eliminated and the contradiction is resolved. Since this year, the head rulers have actively carried out the investigation of contradiction disputes, and strive to achieve "small things do not leave villages, do not have out of the town, conflict will not pay".

Up to now, there are 72 contradictions in the total mediation, and the contradiction dispute adjustment rate is 100%. (Peng Yuanhe, Su Wei) (Editor: Peng Yuanhe, Huang Yuxi) Sharing let more people see.