How is the giant panda name? (Saying, tell you naturally)

  Take the formal name to the giant panda, there is a relatively perfect rule and requirements, basically require the connection to its ethnic group in the name, in order to track, recognize the recent retrieval, walk in the streets of Chengdu, everywhere can be seen everywhere Torch cartoon giant panda.

Its name is "Rongbao", which is the mascot of the 31st World College Student Summer Games held in Chengdu. In fact, "Rongbao" is still a real panda. In August last year, the Chengdu Universiade mascot "Rongbao" naming ceremony was launched. After public votes, a giant panda from Chengdu Giant Panda is selected as a mascot, and "Rongbao" is a formal name of "Sesame" and is included in the giant panda family. "Rongbao" naming process is just a kind of giant panda naming method, relatively special. Not all giant pandas will be named through open collection, in general, the giant panda is named two phases: the first stage is the milk name. After born in the giant panda, the breeder will take a milk name for it. It is used to distinguish between other individuals. It is divided into 4 categories: First, the twin fetus is "big" "small", such as the big panda "crystalline" The male twin, my brother is called "crystal", the younger brother is "crystal".

The second is to have a number of nursery, such as the big panda "Meng Meng" gave birth to three kinds of bobbits, and called "Meng Big" "Meng 2" and "Meng Three" according to the birth time. These two ways are the most commonly used breast name, consisting of a master of the giant panda and a simple marker text.

Third, according to the characteristics of the giant panda breed, some according to the appearance characteristics, some are combined with place names. The last category, basically, the staff is randomly taken, such as "Fauchy" "Mao Beans". After all the milk name is only a small name, it can be included in the name of the international giant panda family, is the official name of the giant panda. When the giant panda gets a formal name, the original milk name will gradually fade. For example, the big panda "Celebrate" twins are "celebration" and "Qing Xiao", which is formally named "Encart" and "Point" after the "Ambassador of the United Nations", " Incorporate the giant panda family spectrum.

  At present, the international giant panda family score is made by international unified numbers, unified preparations for standards of the giant panda naming system. Each giant panda will be assigned to a number, which is unique, equivalent to our human ID number, the name corresponding to this number is the official name of the giant panda. Take the official name to the giant panda, there is a relatively improved rules and requirements, basically require the contact of its ethnic groups in the name of the relevant scientific research.

  It is included in the name of the giant panda family, and the name is more formal, and its influence is much larger, which can be substantially worth 4 categories.

The first category is publicly collected. In 2012, Chengdu Giant Panda Breeding Research Base has publicly been famous for a giant panda who was born in the first day of the Olympic Games, and finally the giant panda baby was named "Ollio". The second category is officially released. As a friendly messenger who convey the Chinese people, the giant panda in China is currently reaching 69. In 2017, the naming ceremony of the kindergirl, the birth of the Chengdu Travel Method, held in France, nearly a thousand people at all in the middle and laws attended the ceremony, named "round dream". The third category is the name of public welfare.

It can be an international organization or protection agency named and awarded its image ambassador, promoting the protection concept at home and abroad; it can be an enterprise or personal public welfare, obtain a name right; it is also an invitation title. The fourth category is to continue along the decline.

For example, "Cheese" "Mo Beans" and so on.

  (The author is a staff member of the Chengdu Giant Panda Breeding Research Base, and the reporter Wang Mingfeng interviewed it) (Editor: Rona, Mao Siyuan) Sharing let more people see.