Changbai Mountain Management Committee: Strengthening the premium investment in a new era of high quality development

The ceremony was hosted by the Secretary General of the Changbai Mountain Management Committee, presided over, Ji Jingwei, deputy secretary-general of the Jilin Provincial Government, Wang Dai, Secretary of the Party Crafts Committee and Director of the Changbai Mountain Protection Development Zone, and the director of the management committee attended the event. Liu Yong, deputy director of the Changbai Mountain Management Committee, said in a speech that in recent years, the Changbai Mountain Management Committee has rely on rare and unique resource endowment, "the head" selection, "leaving the body" intimate service, selection of quality projects, precision planning plan, Fine home investment, carefully, successfully introduced two headquarters companies, accumulating the investment to pay the subscription amount of billion yuan, in place fund billion. This centralized signing activities will be injected into new strongest power for economic and social development in Changbai Mountain. Changbai Mountain Management Committee will open "Tianchi Excellence, Lin Hai Baichuan, Ice and Snow Jut", is dedicated to providing investors to provide the best business environment, the best service guarantee, pragmatic promotion of mutual benefit, and make fun of the future. At the subsequent signing ceremony, Liu Yong represents the Changbai Mountain Management Committee and Zhongqing Travel Guide Tourism Management (Hainan) Co., Ltd., "Strategic Cooperation Agreement".

The relevant person in charge of Changbai Mountain Group has signed the "China Life Care Association Cooperation Agreement", "China Life Care Association Cooperation Agreement", China Life Care Association, National Tourism Management (Hainan) Co., Ltd..

Jilin Province Blue View Hotel Management Co., Ltd. and Changbai Mountain Protection Development Zone Smart Digital Welfare Technology Co., Ltd. signed the "Changbai Mountain Blue Sacred Hot Spring Resort Entrust Management Agreement". It is understood that the Jilin Provincial Party Committee and the Provincial Government attaches great importance to talent work. In recent years, a series of strong measures have been admitted to the "Ji people return to the hometown", calling for the alumni, looking forward to the alumni people, share Jilin revitalization.

The relevant departments of Changbai Mountain Protection Development Zone, the unit is responsible for comrades, Changbai Mountain Group executives and senior company executives, and invited a total of 75 people to participate in this signing ceremony.

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