China’s China’s health governance system

  On May 21st, Chairman Xi was invited to attend the Global Health Summit and published an important speech entitled "Working with Hands with Human Health and Health Community" to share China’s experience. Pharmaceutical cooperation, promoting the powerful power of the world’s economic resumption. China is standing for humanity, the height of the world, and actively participates in the international cultural affairing cooperation, leading the responsibility of the global health governance system reform to further highlight. China provides assistance to the international community on the basis of obtaining major strategic achievements in the national anti-v.fusion struggle. China is planning to promote the prevention and control of epidemic and economic and social development, which has become the first major economy in the epidemic.

China persisted in expanding the opening of the outside world, stimulating a total of "all the way", driving the world economy to resuscitation with its own recovery. This is the specific embodiment of China’s unity and cooperation spirit, and also promotes the vivid practice of building human health communities. At the summit, the President Xi proposed the five propositions of the international anti-pharmaceutical cooperation, and the people centered, scientifically citiated, coordinated epidemic prevention and control and economic recovery were written to the Summit Declaration. China once again picked up the world’s united and anti-vloys, the big flags of time, and made China contribution to the progress of global public health and human development.

  In front of the epidemic, there is no country to be in the country, and there should be no country to become anti-hypophoresis. China firmly stood in the "first-party array" of vaccine fairly, and the best transcripts are shown in practice as a commitment to global public goods. China took the lead in committing vaccines as global public products, joining the WHO "New Crown Pneumonia Vaccine Implementation Plan", providing vaccine assistance to more than 80 developing countries, exporting vaccines to 43 countries, clearly committed to WHO The new crown pneumonia vaccine implementation plan provides a first batch of 10 million vaccines for developing countries, and strives to improve the availability and aggressive of vaccines in developing countries. The epidemic brings hope and confidence.

  Chairmpions President, China will do our best to provide more vaccines, support national vaccine companies to conduct technical transfer to developing countries, and carry out cooperation production.

China has announced that the new crown pneumonia vaccine intellectual property exemption, and international agencies such as World Trade Organization have also supported this decision.

China Initiative Establishing a Vaccine Cooperation International Forum, which is developed by vaccine production and development of national, enterprises, and stakeholders to explore how to promote global vaccine fairness and reasonable distribution, showing China and countries to overcome outcomes, protect all human health well-being sincere and sincere wishes and firm will . This epidemic highlights the short board and vulnerabilities in the global health governance system. Similar emergencies will never be the last time, strengthen and play the role of United Nations and WHO, and strengthen global public health management capacity building is imminent.

  After the epidemic, China has always firmly supports multilateralism, maintains close communication with WHO, in time, providing anti-vloat materials assistance, and international and regional organizations such as EU, Non-Alliance, ASEAN, etc. Strengthen coordination and cooperation with international organizations such as United Nations Development Program.

China’s comprehensive implementation of the 20th Group’s "Suspension of the Poverty State Debt Revenue Initiative", totaling more than 1.3 billion US dollars; China-Africa has established 41 counterpart hospital cooperation mechanisms; China’s African CDC Headquarters Building has officially officially Starting … China uses real actions to support the global anti-vision, helping developing countries to improve the capacity and level of major public health incidents, and make an important contribution to improve the global health governance system. President Xi proposed that it is necessary to improve the "Monitoring and Early Warning and Emergency Response Ability" "The Emergency Material Reserve and Safeguards" "Fighting False Information Ability" "Supporting the Benefits" to developing countries ".

On May 7, the new crown of China’s Biological Products Research Institute was officially used by WHO to use certification, marking my country’s international vaccine cooperation has been promoted from bilateral levels to the international public vaccination level. "We are the surf of the sea." All countries should work together, deepen the organization, improve the global health governance system, and strive to defeat the epidemic, and write a new chapter to build human health and health. (Author: Xi Jinping Diplomatic Thoughts Research Center).