CITIC Bank supports the establishment of a comprehensive financial service specialty in the North Exchange Office, a new "small giant" enterprise

Original title: CITIC Bank supports the establishment of a comprehensive financial service specializing in the North Exchange Office on the 15th, the Beijing Stock Exchange opened the market transaction.

  CITIC Bank’s leader, said that the establishment of the Beijing Stock Exchange is a major deployment made by the Party Central Committee to implement new development concepts in the capital market, and is an important measure to implement the national innovation drive development strategy. As a state-owned financial enterprise, the CITIC Bank has always adhered to the home country of the country, and practices the mission of the service entity economy, revolving the innovation, autonomous control, domestic replacement, low carbon emission reduction, etc., created coverage innovation The comprehensive financial service plan for the full life cycle of the type, has reached 20% of the service coverage of the special new "small giant" enterprise.

  In recent years, CITIC Bank has given full play to the unique advantages of CITIC Group "Financial + Industrial", innovating the similar model, establishing "CITIC Co-coordination +" brand image, continuous release of the potential and value of letter synergy.

Using CITIC Group Financial full license resources, CITIC Bank established differentiated competitive advantages in serving innovative enterprises. On the one hand, constructing a comprehensive financial service system of "more than credit", including providing consultants, introducing industrial capital, grafting financial resources, setting up equity investment funds, etc. Open inclusive financial services. For example, with CITIC Securities, CITIC Jianotou establishes a joint service team around the special new "small giant" enterprise, collaborative marketing, joint service, helps enterprises to dock the capital market as soon as possible, achieve leap-forward development; collaborative gold stone investment, CITIC CITY Investment Books such as investment, CITIC Industry Fund, etc. On the other hand, CITIC Bank continuously enhances the investigation capabilities of large-class industries and segmentation, covering the new generation of information technology, high-end equipment, energy-saving and environmental protection, new energy, medical medical, new materials and other key areas, forming the research driver business. Strategy, promoting the development and service of specializing new "small giants" enterprises.

Focusing on various financing scenarios around the company’s growth cycle, CITIC Bank played resource integration and value judgment, jointly providing credit, transaction banking, equity incentives, IPO services, capital market refinants, etc. Currently, CITIC Bank It has been launched with a number of innovative products that have grown in the core of Kechuang Enterprises, including Kobody’s credit loans, investing loans around the mainstream private equity, have a selective loan of strong equity value-added space, and large brokerage counseling. Listed loans, professional technology background talents’ entrepreneurs.

In addition, solving the effectiveness of the technology-type small and micro enterprise financing, CITIC Bank also launched a full online, pure credit "Kuchong E-loan" data financing service, providing financial ecosystem supporting the full life cycle for Kobody Small micro enterprises , Depth empower "Chinese Zhizhi" transformation and high quality development. In 2021, CITIC Bank has conscientiously implemented the party Central Committee, State Council decision-making deployment, continuously deepening and improving the financial services system for service innovative SMEs. First, strengthen the role of the assessment baton, will serve the department into a comprehensive performance appraisal index, fully mobilize the enthusiasm of the business agency.

The second is to establish special credit quotas and special comprehensive financing quotas for strategic emerging industries and advanced manufacturing. The third is to formulate the approval policy of the segmentation industry based on the characteristics of regional industries, and implement a quick approval system for the focus card in key industries in key industries.

The fourth is to implement special interest rate preferential policies that lead to peer for strategic emerging industries and green financial areas.

The fifth is to establish a Financial Services team of Kokchuang Enterprise, a full-time service department-based SME, and at the same time, the economic ribbon gathered in Kokchuang Enterprises awarded the "Science and Technology Special Accident Branch", and the public business franchised creative customers.

Sixth, the establishment of a special reward fund for rewarding the development of Corporate corporate customers.

  In the future, CITIC Bank will fully support the development and construction of Beijing Stock Exchange, strengthen the precision dripping and gradient layout of innovative SMEs, and help technology companies from the credit market to the capital market, contribute to China’s economic high-quality development More power.

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