Float County People’s Procuratorate launched the second new era procuratorial publicity week

In order to promote the "Procuratorate for the People" practice activities, the comprehensive vivid display of the new era procuratorate adheres to the people-oriented thinking, according to the unified deployment of the High Inspection Institute, recently, the Float County People’s Procuratorate launched "Procuratorate: Let the second era prosecutive propaganda week event for the aim of fairness and justice.

During this publicity week activity, the hospital held a procuratorial opening day event, inviting people from the county, and the people’s supervisors and the people’s supervisors into the floating beam inspection. In the event, the representative member and the people’s supervisors visited the 12309 Procuratorate Service Center and the Condition Office under the leadership of Zhang Shaotian, the party group and deputy inspectors.

At the symposium, the symposium was convened, and everyone further understood the procuratorial work, especially the procurator hearing.

The representative members of the attendant and the people’s supervisors actively recommend prosecution and suggestions for procurator hearing efforts.

After the meeting, the representative committee participated in two intended cases of disclosure as a hearing, and implemented procedures fair in the way "see". At the hearing, the contracting prosecutor introduced the facts and evidence of the participants to participate in the participants, and clarified the reasons and legal basis for proposing relatively non-prosecution. Participants combined with basic cases, criminal suspects Long, Zhu’s family situation, consistent performance, Float County People’s Procuratorate always adhere to the people-centered, public promotion, fairly win belief, with high political consciousness, The rule of law consciously, the procurator consciously promotes the procurator hearing, and has achieved good political effects, social effects and legal effects. Next, the institute will further increase the consciousness of the sunshine justice, continuously deepen the disclosure of the prison, and fully guarantee the people’s right to know, participate, and make fairness and just touch the credibility.

(Editor: Qiu Wei, Shuai Shi).