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"The Sometham Wheit, Huanghe Tower, Fireworks in March", "Spring Breeze Trilled Yangzhou Road, the beads is not as good as" Huai Zhi, Zhuxi Jiawan ", these Tang Song Dynasty poetry showed that Yangzhou is a romantic , Gentle, classical city. There are meticulous, elegant Huaiyang vegetables, famous dishes have elegant drums, big cooking, three sets of ducks, soft fish, crystal meat, squirrel squid, Liangxi crisp, etc. (Yangzhou Bunzi) As an important branch of Huaiyang, there is a thousand years of long history and splendid food culture. It is famous for its exquisite and delicate style and delicate and delicate taste. The top ten names of China and foreign countries are: Thousand layers Eye, double squat, jade, dry vegetable bun, wild duck bag, glutinous rice, crab yellow steamed dumplings, car chelations, chicken rolls Yangzhou millennium ancient city, there is a different traditional culture, what is too high above Now introduces the most familiar taste of Yangzhou, Yangzhou, Dongzhou, the most important thing: First, when the four beautiful sauce garden is in the Qing Dynasty, Yangzhou sauce is listed as a courtyard, and has gained a discipline medal, the West Lake Expo Gold Award. Fresh, sweet, crisp, and tender four major characteristics; series soy sauce is produced with pure brewing process, sauce, natural red bright, shrimp seed soy sauce is unique; series of flourish sauce is long, not similar; series of rot Soft, pure taste. Second, Xie Yuchun Yangzhou ancient cosmetics brand "Xie Yuchun" is the first cosmetic company in China, its history can be traced back to the Qing Dynasty 10 years (1830), which was awarded the title of "China’s old name" by the Ministry of Commerce. 300 Key protection brand "and won the Panama Wanbo Award in 1915. In 1830, Yangzhou Xie Yuchun is flour, variety with fragrant powder, hidden fragrance, scent, chopping and other products. Xie Yuchun is known as a beautiful duck egg, taking natural raw materials, flowing through flowers, and refining the ice and musk crafts; it is light, red, white, fragrant, for the Qing court tribute powder, the people "Palace powder".

After using their skin reddish-white, red and white, both beauty Yan appearance, but also to spot removers moles, remove wrinkles effect. Third, Yangzhou lacquer complete, superb, unique style, famous. Traditional Yangzhou lacquer ware, painted in delicate basis on the choice of eight hundred kinds of precious materials jade, agate, coral, jasper, jade, ivory, sandalwood, mica, gold and silver and other luminous spiral and made.

A large number of decorative patterns lacquer inscription "Eight Eccentrics of Yangzhou" and other famous paintings, but also raise the value of art appreciation Yangzhou lacquer.

It had 1910 and 1915, three in 2001 to participate in international fairs, which have received gold was gold.

Fourth, Yangzhou three knives kitchen knife, knife pedicure, haircut knife.

Yangzhou three knives in the hands of not only a technology, or an art, become part of the culture of Yangzhou unique local characteristics.

Yangzhou three knives not only a superb theory, standardized skills, but also many people of high arts, excel rather than blue. Culture as support, grade three knives industries continue to improve and upgrade; there is a market demand, it has three knives cultural vitality. Where the chopper is world-renowned representatives of Huaiyang. Fifth, Yangzhou obstinacy obstinacy known as "Yangzhou a must," Yangzhou specialty. Sweet taste, uniform layer sesame, cut light brown, translucent, flexible, flavor, ponder stick teeth, renowned at home and abroad in the early Qing dry, between Kerry had been available in Yangzhou, due to frequent wars The lost world.

Sticky candy having a golden transparent, elastic, sticky, not stiff characteristics.

Sixth, Yangzhou old goose goose in Yangzhou Yangzhou old traditional dishes in no doubt occupy a seat important role, not only the old goose braised eat, and brine goose stewed ripe food category, commonly known as: "the old goose."

Old goose in front of either cold dish in a restaurant, but also is the home of a staple food, really be "get on the hall, the kitchen," the old goose that was not old, but the habit of so called Bale. All along, Yangzhou people eat is very luxurious.

Throughout the year, walking Young City streets, selling old goose cooked food stalls everywhere, on the cooked food stalls, the old goose is sold separately, but the price is different, usually divided into goose (attached to the neck), goose, goose claw wing, goose gizzard and liver, goose goose intestines and blood. Generally speaking, when you choose the right parts to be geese later, the boss will come up from the kitchen in a whole goose (viscera has been emptied), put the chopping board, knife down first from the neck, the head and goose goose standing open, then the goose from the chest into two parts, whatever you want to side, front clip, or folder, the boss will accurately knife chop it about the size of a goose block, then put into the food bag and pour the goose oil, and pour marinade old goose, and finally it tightly with plastic lashing, edible after the home. Seven, Yangju, storytelling, melody, Yangzhou minor, monologues Yangju originated in Yangzhou City, Jiangsu Province, grew up in one of Shanghai Han operas. It ancient "Flower Drum Opera" and "incense play" basis, but also absorbed the Yangzhou melody, folk minor developed.

Yang opera singing tunes more than 100, there are 20 kinds of commonly used, which originally belonged to Flower Drum Opera, the majority named to play sound names.

Yang opera foot color line of business despite Sheng, Dan, net, ugly difference, but only on the points still singing male and female cavity, performing arts each line of business comes from multi-absorption of Kunqu Opera, Peking Opera, but always maintain Huagu simple, lively atmosphere and life characteristics, especially ugly feet.

Yangzhou storytelling, also known as critical word in Yangzhou, Jiangsu Province, Yangzhou dialect is said table ancient Han Chinese folk art form of storytelling, popular in northern Jiangsu and Nanjing, Zhenjiang, Shanghai and other places. Yangzhou storytelling began in the Ming Dynasty, developed in the Qing dynasty, the Qing Dynasty to the middle when it reached its apogee stage. To describe its nuanced, well-structured, tail echo, hydra-headed but orderly chaos and reflexes, emphasis on rich story details, characters, distinctive, lively and interesting language.

There are well-known books, "Three Kingdoms", "Outlaws of the Marsh" and so on.

May 20, 2006, Yangzhou storytelling by the State Council approved the first batch of national intangible cultural heritage. Yangzhou Qingqu long history, the Yuan Dynasty little singing, Verse is the hotbed of many ditty charm of the Ming Dynasty are still preserved.

Singer minute "wide mouth" and "narrow mouth", are word line cavity, focusing on rhyme and vocal chamber.

Each concert repertoire has a number of people to participate, sit still maintaining the traditional form of singing, in addition to this artist per capita operating an instrument, as well as personnel, ranging from small orchestra, orchestral string and wind musical instruments and percussion.

Eight Beautiful Jasmine Flower "Beautiful Jasmine Flower" is the song of Yangzhou City, according to folk song "Flowers tune" adapted by musician what sort of imitation acquisition, in 1982, "Jasmine" is recommended as a UNESCO World excellent songs.