Changzhou: Unlink toilet triggered conflict men’s victims, sentenced to life imprisonment

Chen Jun, the police station of the Wujin Branch of Changzhou Public Security Bureau, said: "I found two men on the ground, one of the men grabbed another man, the ground is blood, see other cases, found, there is one in a roomThe woman fell to the ground. "The police quickly dial 120, and the medical staff will send three injured people to nearby hospitals.

After investigation, Zheng, Ding Mou said from Anhui. It has been spent more than three years in the incident rental house, and 56-year-old man lives in the next two years.

Two tenants share a bathroom.On the day of the incident, Zhao’s child’s child was urinating, because there was no flush, was heard from Zheng.

Zhao felt that Zheng Mou is more and more, and he will insult Zheng Zheng.