Bijiang "four three" initiatives over the winter and spring fire prevention and control bottom line

Complete the personnel. For large-scale commercial complex, school training institutions, hospitals, secret room escape and other personnel, adopt expert inspections, etc. Based on the government to organize emergency, public security, residential construction and other departments to carry out special investigation on the fire safety of small business places, "three in one", "more one" places, and give full play to the work function of township (street) grassroots grid staff, strengthen For nine small places, rent homes, "Multi-one" places such as fire safety everyday management. Keep against high-rise and underground buildings.

Strictly implement the "Regulations on Fire Safety Management of High-Level Civil Buildings", to establish fire safety files in more than 490 high-rise public buildings, jointly conduct investigations, focus on rectifying fire facilities, and illegally using fire electricity.

Deepening the preliminary investigation and rectification and high-rise buildings "Storm No. 1" special rectification work, holding a warning talk, adopting the "expert + fire + department + backbone" model to carry out joint inspection, centralized investigation and other forms to carry out hidden danger rectification, one One strategy, key rectification has not been approved for private transformation, deposit a large number of flammable combustible flammable materials, violating people, etc., and risks. Close to the least worry-free place.

The fire safety concentration night investigation operation focused on medical institutions and epidemic prevention and isolation points, and the social fire safety situation continued to be safe under the conditions of prevention and control.

The joint industry department establishes hidden dangers and rectification responsibility for enterprises, hidden dangers, and relies on the realization of the remote intelligent monitoring of community fires by all levels of messencing centers. Strengthen the risk warning of campus (off-campus counseling institution), send 10 revolutions to the education sector and public security organs, and effectively improve the standardization management level of personnel concentration places, and resolutely put an end to "small fires".