City Party History Learning Education Tour Guidance Group to concentrate on supervision and guiding Zhongan online Chizhou channel concentration area

  On November 16, the city’s history study and education tour guide group came to the district to supervise the development of party history.

  The guidance group has gave affirmation of the centralized part of the party history, and pointed out that since the study and education of party history, the centralized district has seriously promoted the "four history" learning and research, and the organizational life will be organized, and it has been staged Sexual results. Especially since "July 1", the district is simultaneously Xi Xi Ping’s General Secretary "Seven" Important Speech Spirit and the spirit of the province, the city party congress, further set off the learning boom, and vigorously promotes "I have implemented practical things" for the masses "practice activities, and ensure The learning strength and strength are not reduced.

I hope that the centralized district will continue to adhere to the theoretical learning to learn from the study and education of party history, combined with the spirit of the 19th Central Committee of the Party and the spirit of the party, strengthen publicity, to create a learning atmosphere, strengthen the activities, and enrich the form of learning. Carry out full coverage learning activities, continue to consolidate the development of learning effects;

  After talking about the exchange, check the information, after listening to the report, the instruction team went deep into the park enterprises to carry out the guidance of party history education and study, and the implementation of the "I do practical things for the masses" in the whole district will be implemented. Enterprise Communication Service System.