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  Jiangxi Industrial Trade Vocational and Technical College in-depth promotes the practice activities of "I have to do practical things for the masses", respond to concerns, actively actively, and effectively put solving the problem of teachers and students as a head. All-round Planning Construction Office Practice System, Jiangxi Industrial Trade Vocational and Technical College adheres to the party building leadership, give full play to the role of the grassroots party organizational battle fortress and party member pioneering model, and strive to let "I do practical things for the masses" practice activities to facilitate the deepest demand .

  In-depth mobilization launched. Seriously formulate implementation plan, unified deployment, set "I do practical things for the people" column, announce the universities of the college to do practical things, solve the problem, and form a strong atmosphere of "compared to the class".

  Wide listening to opinions. The college leadership team took the lead and launched the "five entered" activities. Many "I do practical things for the masses" practical activities to seek the symposium, and we have listened to the advice of the representatives of various departments and teachers and students.

The "I do practical practice" is integrated into the "Double Experience Day" such as "Double Experience Day" such as "Double Experience Day" in the "Double Experience Day" of "Double Experience Day" in the "Double Experience Day" of "Double Experience Day".

  Establish a list of billboards.

Seriously combing all kinds of "do things" project list, refine the improvement of the task book and work form, implement account management, wall chart operation, focus on the physical and mental health, graduate employment, etc., formulate specific solutions and work measure. Timely supervision and information disclosure. The school guidance group, focus on "initiative, work validity, teachers and students satisfaction", etc.

Opening a practical column, promptly announce the list of items to the teachers and students, and progress. High quality implementation, solving the academic students of teachers and students insisted on teachers and students, through "face-to-face", "the heart" communication problem, strive to put good things to the teacher and students. Guardian teachers and students are healthy.

Since the practice of "I do practical things for the masses", the college has invested 4 million yuan to build an indoor volleyball position, investing 80,000 yuan to transform the teacher’s lounge; investing 300,000 yuan for cleaning, maintenance teacher office, student dormitory air conditioning equipment, improvement Teachers and students office, accommodation; inviting experts to hold public welfare health lectures; organize the 2021-level freshmen to carry out group psychological quality expansion training. Practical care for families.

In-depth advancement of accurate funding, vigorously carry out awarded people, in the first half of this year, a total of nearly 600,000 students in the family economy, students, and the study of the school, and actively help 327 family difficult graduates apply for a one-time job search. Supplement of 10,000 yuan. Promote the high quality employment of graduates.

To create a "entrepreneurial street" for students in school entrepreneurship, 11 stores in the student entrepreneurial team in the student dormitory area.

Establish an employment difficult student account, implement a pair of guidance, promote high-quality employment of graduates.

The 100,000 talents in Nanchang came to Chang Lichang’s entrepreneurial employment "100-game recruitment" special job fair, and attended nearly 5,000 graduates. Precision to help rural revitalization strategies.

The college focused on the five fields of revitalization of the country, and fully promoted the "grain food painting" industry with Chen Fang as a raw material. Free grain grain painting production skills, helping farmers to obtain special professional ability approved by Jiangxi Human Resources and Social Security Help villagers use farm hours to increase at home. This summer, the college also organized more than 300 teachers and students to go to the province to carry out the "Sanxiang Township" social practice activities, conduct a series of activities such as love education, love grain grain.

  In the future, the college will push "I do practical things for the masses" in a more practical gesture and more pragmatic style. Source: Jiangxi Industrial Trade Vocational and Technical College (Editor: Qiu Wei, Rona) Share more people to see.