Gene Hong Xinjiang Communication People’s "Suspension"

The old site is located 135 kilometers east of Hami City, Xinjiang, so there is a bitter well.

In 1955, the original Hami Long-distance Telecom Line Station provides a guard line inspection in the maintenance of Lanzhou to Urumqi long-distance communication line to ensure that Xinjiang is unique to long-distance telecom lines.

In that year, the guards patrol the house and the courtyard, the anti-wind sand, the hot summer, the fire, and the later generation of the communication people practiced "the spirit of bitter water", and the wild Gobi is guaranteed to Xinjiang. More than 60 years, now, the land has been named as the old site. At the same time, it was also selected as the industrial cultural heritage of central enterprises in the information and communication industry by the State Administration of State. A bitter water well stepped on the salt alkali shell, and the foot hangs the camel stab. Surrounded by red willow branches and reed leaves around the old sites, they looked around, and the convenience is desolate. The hard and weeds collapsed in front of me, as if tell people to people.

Looking at the Qishui Well, Hami Transport Branch (Hami Road Section) retired old workers Wu Guangzu recalled, at the time, we were stationed in this patrol point, and there was no smoke in the world. In order to guard this lifeline leading to the Mainland, sometimes Water, we can only drink the water of bitter water, this water is really bitter water. It has been circulating a word about the bitter water: use it to laundry, hangs on the alkali cream, use it, and the hair is sticking into a bump.

It is understood that Hami Long-distance Telecom Line Station has more than 20 people in the work and life of bitter water. Later, people have given this hard struggle, diligent, willing to dedicate, calling "bitter water spirit". Since the "Power of Water" in the early 1980s, China Telecom Co., Ltd. has begun to change the maintenance method, and the rest of the water is no longer needed. From the bright line to the fiber, from the wire to microwave, from the ground to the satellite, from the fixed network to mobile network, with the continuous development of Xinjiang information and communication, regardless of the distributed package maintenance, and the current integrated maintenance Maintenance, the "bitter spirit" of the communicator did not lose, and encouraged generations of young people to start hard.

In order to promote the admirable entrepreneurial spirit of the old generation of the telecommunications, they will pass the "bitterness spirit", carry forward the new connotation given by the new era, explore the new connotation given by the new era, Xinjiang long-distance transmission on April 18, 2017. The branch established the "bitter water class", through the construction of "bitter water classes", enhance the grassroots to grasp the team capacity building and team building, mobilize the subjective initiative of employees, and actively engage in the practice of "bitter water classes", thereby increasing employees Sense, accomplishment, make employees to grow together, let the "bitter spirit" rejuvenate new glory during the new historical period.

Li Rui, Party Committee, General Manager of China Telecom Co., Ltd. Inheriting in the communications industry, carry forward the vast, let more people feel heavy "bitter water culture".

(Han Ting Yi) (Editor: Li Xinyang, Han Ting).