Harbin Branch of China CITIC Bank to carry out innovation and consumer protection activities

People Harbin, October 25 electricity (Yang Xuenan) To better implement the "I do practical things for the masses’ practice, efforts to enhance awareness of risk prevention and consumer banking capability, Harbin Branch of China CITIC Bank combined" financial literacy Miles "campaign, enter campus, into the community, into the business, continued to carry out "party + consumer protection" campaign to further establish the China CITIC Bank "keep the temperature" of the brand.

Consumer Protection people keep beginner’s mind, to become a good financial users. "Financial knowledge Miles" activities since the Harbin Branch of China CITIC Bank Retail Banking branch organizations to promote the guidance, agencies respond positively, Tallahassee Branch, Branch FTA, Mudanjiang Branch Office from the perspective of customer needs, the focus of telecommunications fraud, hot off the card and other operations, organize financial literacy campaign, to explain the personal credit protection, the legitimate use of the knowledge bank accounts.

Households financial knowledge, to become rational investors. Branches built with the United Federation of campus, community, business and other units to carry out missionary activities of financial knowledge to explain the financial investment risk points, consumer advocate rational investment, and guide consumers to identify risks and enhance risk prevention capability, help resolve consumer who go through pain points in the business, the people act and solve problems of implementation difficulties. Extension innovative promotional channels, universal knowledge to mention ability.

Innovative promotional approach to online media as the main communication channels, organizational affiliates short video recording financial literacy advocacy, increase customer interest in learning, increased memory point.

Dacheng Branch to prohibit the resale of money laundering violations involving bank cards for the material, to carry out the shooting vivid melodrama financial literacy promotion, to further enhance the publicity.

Next, Harbin Branch of China CITIC Bank will continue to increase activities "party + Consumer Protection ‘efforts to effectively promote financial literacy propaganda in-depth, systematic and persistence.

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