Guangdong to strengthen epidemic prevention and control during the Canton Fair

  Original title: Guangdong strengthen epidemic prevention and control during the Fair 8th – the province during the 130th session of the Canton Fair on the 20th foreign entry quarantine 21 days need to focus on the evening of October 7, the new crown prevention and control of pneumonia in Guangdong Province Office of epidemic prevention and control headquarters issued a set the new crown pneumonia epidemic prevention and control work notice (hereinafter referred to as "notice").

Notice that, in order to ensure the smooth conduct 130th Canton Fair, approved by the Province, the new crown pneumonia prevention and control headquarters office, decided October 8 – between 20 date, further strengthen the province’s new crown pneumonia epidemic prevention and control work.

Since October 21, to restore the original epidemic prevention and control policy.

  Announcement said that holders of certificates Fair personnel nucleic acid detection throughout Guangdong, are included in "inspection should check to make" range, each nucleic acid detection point priority should be to provide efficient and convenient services. Destination adjusted to focus on isolation for 21 days in Guangzhou foreign immigration officers, health management measures.

  October 14 – between 20 date, destined for other provinces and complete isolation of centralized immigration officers 14 days in Guangdong, in principle, to leave from Guangzhou, Guangdong traffic station; if it proves necessary to leave from Guangzhou traffic station should be selected from Guangzhou Baiyun Airport or South station, via a dedicated channel from Guangdong.

  There are nearly 14 days in high-risk areas of the city or living history Laiyue back to Guangdong personnel should be held within 48 hours of nucleic acid testing proves negative, the village is located within 12 hours after arrived in Guangdong (neighborhood) committee, reporting unit or the hotel stay.

Domestic high-risk areas, the occurrence of unknown origin counties (cities, districts) areas where the local epidemic Laiyue back Guangdong implementation of personnel 14 days "should be separated to make every" measures.

  Notice pointed out that the province of all movie theaters, recreation rooms, game rooms, Internet cafes, supermarkets, farmers markets and other gathering places closed traffic control personnel should be strengthened, clean air disinfection.

All admission officers should actively cooperate with the implementation of temperature measurement scan code to wear masks and other health management measures.

(Nanfang Daily reporter / Li Xiuting correspondent / Yue Wei letter).