Cambodian epidemic slowdown response cases continue to decline

Original title: Cambodia’s epidemic slow-age increased cases continue to fall from November, Cambodia has slowed down, and the number of new diagnosed cases is maintained in two digits.

Thanks to the acceleration of new crown vaccination action, the national activities across the country have gradually released, as of now, Cambodia’s epidemic has not rebounded on a large scale.

According to the 11th of the Cambodian Ministry of Health, the country added 66 new coronary pneumonia confirmed cases, and 71 cases of new cure were added, 5 cases were added, 3 of which were not vaccinated. In the new diagnosis case, 58 cases of community-propagated infections, 8 patients were diagnosed with entered diagnosis. Up to now, Cambodia has diagnosed thousands of people, cumulative cure, cumulative death of 2850 cases.

Cambodia This year, "2 · 20" community communication incident makes the new crown virus rapidly spread in the country, and during the period of Delta variant virus, the number of new diagnosed people has reached more than a thousand cases.

With the strong support of China and other countries and international organizations, Cambodian vaccination is accelerated. As of now, more than 85% of people have vaccinated new crown vaccines.

In the past few days, Cambodia’s new diagnosis case continued to maintain two digits, at the lowest position since the "2 · 20" community communication incident. With the continuous rise in vaccination rates in new crown vaccine, the signs of social life in Cambodia is increasingly obvious. On October 20, Cambodia reopened the application for travel visas. In the closing speech of the ASEAN Business and Investment Summit on October 25, Master Hongson said that Cambodia will launch the strategy of "new and new normal, restore and promote economic growth", reopening the country, restarting economic and social activities.

On November 1, the Cambodian government announced that all social activities were fully released, and all walks of life were reopened. As of now, there is currently a large-scale rebound in the epidemic.

Analysts pointed out that in order to maintain economic operation, all walks of manufacturers of relief income sharply, the Cambodian government has launched 10 rounds of economic relief measures including 600,000 residents.

However, in the context of national reserves, economic growth, economic growth, and reduced fiscal revenue, the government’s continued relief is not long-lasting.

Re-opening the country, restarting the economy, must have to make the choice to a certain extent.

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