Adhere to the people’s first strengthening of legal implementation and repairing shortboard strong weakness to achieve high quality development of fire protection

Ben Beijing November 16th (Reporter Wang Bicai) Committee of the Political Bureau of the Communist Party of China He emphasized that the general discussion of General Secretary Xi Jinping’s important discussion on the development of the new era of fire protection, adhering to the people’s first, strengthening legal implementation, supplementing short board, strong weakness, promoting fire management system and governance, and realizing the new era fire industry High quality development. Wang Chen pointed out that with Comrade Xi Jinping highly attaches great importance to fire protection work, making a series of major decision-making deployments such as the establishment of emergency management departments and national comprehensive fire rescue teams, and introduced the "Opinions on Deepening Fire Law Enforcement Reform" and promoted my country’s fire protection. Major progress has been significantly improved, which has strongly maintained the safety of people and public safety. Wang Chen emphasized that from the perspective of legal implementation, the current fire safety situation is still severe, historical short board and emerging challenges are superimposed with each other, and the lack of fire protection and professional guarantee is not enough. Some local fire facilities are lagging, and new risks such as electric bicycle fires. Faster, there is happening in the "small fire" accident.

It must be insisted on the problem-oriented, set the bottom line thinking, prevent and resolve major fire safety risks from the source, and the existence hidden dangers will be changed.

It is necessary to strengthen the grassroots fire management, facilities equipment, intelligence fire construction and publicity and education, strengthen the rescue power, and in depth, we will promote the rule of controlling fire construction, and transform the law enforcement requirements to effectively implement the law, and effectively improve the results of fire protection. Zhang Chunxian, deputy chamber of the National People’s Congress Standing Committee, Wang Dongming, Bai Marrican attended the meeting. Members of the relevant departments of the State Council and a member of the law enforcement inspection team made a comment on the law enforcement inspection report.