Fuzhou Procuratorate proposed service guarantee "six responsibility"

Recently, Fuzhou Municipal People’s Procuratorate, Fujian Province, held a party group meeting, emphasized the implementation of "six responsibility", escorting Fuzhou.

It reflects the prosecution in the modern international city.

Focus on "four more" important requirements, current four key tasks and 40 key tasks proposed in the Plenary, based on prosecutive functions, and decline in procuratorial service guarantee initiatives.

It reflects the inspection in the construction of the rule of law. According to the law, it is strictly punished the crime of harming the non-public economic development, and continues to deepen the special action of the new round of private enterprises "pendant" cleanup, and carry out series of activities such as enterprise solving problems. It reflects the prosecution in shaping innovative benchmark cities. Relying on the establishment of the intellectual property procuratorate office, the intellectual property procuratorial function is carried out to implement the pilot, explore the integration of four major procuratorial functions, and implement intellectual property comprehensive judicial protection. In the city of creating high-quality happiness, it reflects the inspection.

Normalization promotes the black definition, resolutely punishes the highlighters of Huang gambling, stolen fraud, etc. Waiting for trouble. It reflects the prosecution in the high-quality mountainous water city.

Highlight "Service Ecological Civilization, Guarding Beautiful Life, Helping Urban Quality" to handle the main line of the case, strengthen the judicial protection of mountainous lakes in the lake. In the case of the General Assembly, combined with the party history education, and solidly carry out the special activities of the "School History, Zun", and the Guardian "public welfare litigation activities, and do 10 procurators for people. The prosecution is reflected in the development of constructive fusion.

Relying on the first batch of Taiwan Procuratorates, build a platform, creating conditions, facilitating, continuous development of station-related procuratorates, and helps build a first home in Taiwan enterprises. (Editor: Lin Dongxiao, Zhong Xia Liuhua) Sharing let more people see client downloads.