HIV urinary inspection reagents have been put in universities in colleges

Original title: HIV urinary examination reagent has been invested in the university dotted point on December 1st, the 34th "World AIDS Day", this year’s propaganda theme is "life first, ending AIDS, health equality".

Chengdu invited Sichuan University, Sichuan Disease Control Center expert scholar and the head of Chengdu Jintang County Six-color Rainbow Health Care Service Center, the college volunteers of the Chengdu Xi Ai Association, the volunteers of the company, and the participation of the people to participate in the AIDS prevention and treatment Field dialogue. In recent years, among the infected people in my country, more than 95% of them are transmitted through sexual contact, which is the main cause of infection. What is worth paying is that the number of seniors and HIV infections in my country increased year by 60 years old, and more than 30,000 cases were reported annually.

Among youth students, HIV-infected people continue to report about 3,000.

In addition, the HIV urine test reagent, which was approved in my country, has been put in Chengdu and has been put on in colleges and universities.

"Need special reminders that if the self-test results are positive, they must be diagnosed with the medical institution and the disease control center, and accept follow-up consultation and treatment services.

"Related links anti-Ai" three-piece "first piece: Conditions Correctly use condoms, can effectively prevent AIDS, gonorrhea, syphilis-like dissemination disease.

Second: Exposure Prevent Pharmaceutical (PREP) 2020, my country approved PREP drug Shuvai has been successfully listed, people who have not been infected with HIV, take specific antiviral drugs to prevent HIV infection before occurrence of volatile HIV behavior (persist in correct Using PREP can reduce the risk of 92% -99% of HIV infection). Very important point, must be a population of HIV.

For Prep, "China HIV Pre-prevention Pharmaceutical Expert Consensus" is recommended that there is a risk of HIV infection over 18 years old, agree to take medicine and use medicine to take medicine, with some contraindications, such as severe renal dysfunction Not suitable. But PREP cannot prevent other sexually transmitted diseases, and cannot replace condoms. The third piece: The blocked drug after exposure (PEP) PEP refers to the immediate use of AIDS blocked drugs immediately after high risk exposure, which can prevent AIDS infection.

After exposure, the drug must be taken within 72 hours of high-risk behavior, and it is best to take 28 days in 2 hours. What are the right conditions for PEP? Including unsafe blood transfusion behavior, high-risk behavior that does not take protection measures, shared needle, which is involved in medical devices and other appliances containing HIV body fluids and other appliances.

Special note: PEP can only be used as emergency blocking, and it is not to be taken as a conventional drug. All PREP and PEP are prescribed drugs, requiring a professional doctor to check the applicant’s indicators and evaluate the results before they can issue a prescription and take the doctor’s advice. Do not buy it yourself.

(Chengdu Daily reporter Wang Jingyu) (Editor: Yuan Yizhen, Luo Wei) Sharing let more people see.