Greece epidemic continues to worsen, the growing fear of hundreds of deaths around Christmas!

  Original title: Greece epidemic continues to worsen, the growing fear of hundreds of deaths around Christmas! Source: WASHINGTON BEIJING, Nov. 11, according to Greece "Greece Times" reported that the evening of November 10, Greece announced a national public health organizations, in the past 24 hours Greece new 7105 cases of viral pneumonia patients new crown, the current total of 808,297 cases diagnosed.

New day death 70 cases, a total of 16,493 cases of death.

  Greece epidemic continues to worsen due to the continued deterioration of the epidemic situation in Greece recently, the country’s health system is facing enormous pressure.

Environmental engineering professor at Aristotle University of Thessaloniki 莫斯赛尼斯 · Nice Salia 10, said, according to a mathematical model to predict the future of 7-8 days, the epidemic situation is unlikely to significantly change. Growth trend of new cases will continue until December. He pointed out that the current average number of cases is increasing every Sunday rolling of 6,600 cases at the beginning of this figure will rise to around 9400 cases.

Growth in the number of cases and deaths in patients in patients with severe means that the number will increase accordingly.

The number of patients with severe could reach about 800 people in the middle of next month, even more frightening is that around Christmas every day because of the number of new crown pneumonia deaths could reach 120 people.

  Unvaccinated or will face more restrictions Greek Minister of Development and Investment Asa Nice Georgia Clerides on the 10th interview, again ruled out of the country due to the implementation of large-scale outbreak of the blockade again possible. However, he pointed out that the possibility of implementing additional restrictive measures against people remain unvaccinated.

Asked if unvaccinated people will be prohibited from entering certain places or in need of daily virus detection, Georgia Clerides said: "All possibilities are open, if the epidemic situation worse, not for more restrictive measures vaccinated people may come.

"He once again stressed that even more restrictive measures implemented, people’s lives have been vaccinated will not be affected. For precautionary measures implemented since the beginning of last week, he said that these measures yielded results, because directly after the introduction of the new policy to promote the new crown for the first time inoculation vaccine reservation number there is significant growth booster when you can make an appointment? local time on the 10th, Secretary-General of the Greek Ministry of health primary care Marios · Brahimi said Chris Stowe, vaccinated for Pfizer, MO Dana people and AstraZeneca vaccine vaccine booster shot of the new crown reservation platform will be open in five and a half months after the second dose of vaccine, but the actual booster injection time will be when the six months after the second injection It will be carried out.

  For Johnson injected a single dose of vaccine crowd, they can strengthen needle injection two months after vaccination.

  According to information released by the vaccinated AstraZeneca, Pfizer vaccine Modena or people will use the mRNA vaccine as a booster vaccine, and people vaccinated with the vaccine is optional Johnson Johnson & Johnson, Pfizer vaccine or a booster injection.

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