Guizhou Province introduced 10 measures to strengthen judicial protection of minors

  "The Ten Measures of Guizhou Procuratorate Strengthening the Judicial Protection of Minors" Recently, Ten measures include all kinds of crimes that infringe in minors, and the minor victims protect and promote the public supervision.

  "Measures" emphasizes the crime of sexual invasion of special responsibilities, in advance of sexual infringement, guiding investigation and evidence, and proposes the sentencing recommendations from heavy punishment; killing, harming, kidnap, trafficking minors, etc. From strict discontinuation, prosecution; for significant sensitive cases involved in minors, rapid response, timely intervention; strict implementation of violations to enforce reporting system, improve the "one-stop" inquiry and help work mechanism, and promote comprehensive assistance.

  "Measures" supervise the "One Procuratorate" supervision as a "one hand" project, and the common statement of the joint education department carried out the special work of preventing campus infringement, implementing the entry inquiry system, and launched a legal supervision of the rights and interests of minors.

Deepen the "arrest, complaints, supervision, prevention, teaching" integrated working mechanism, strengthen the construction of minors’ procuratorial brands. (Reporter Luohua).