Zhongqing Net Review: The hypermation is the concept of May 4th mentally injection

  On the occasion of the May Fourth Youth Festival, the Central Committee of the Communist Youth League, the National Qinglian awarded the 24th "Chinese Youth March 5th Medal", recognizing the excellent typical and model representatives in your youth.

In the face of sudden new coronal pneumonia epidemics, the young people perform their duties in various industries, all walks of life, and actively participate in the first line of prevention and control work, in order to maintain economic stable development and social harmony and stability, this year’s Chinese Youth May The medal has added an anti-vlorsion award. Marx said: "The spirit of an era is the spirit of youth representatives, and an era character is the character of youth.

"The epidemic is surging, countless young doctors please war." After 90 "young doctors took the initiative to war:" Give the most dangerous task to me! " ";" 90 after the 20th "female doctor who has been embarking on the returning New Year’s journey learned the call of the hospital to release medical support, I got off the train in the first time;" Post-00 "female nurses did not tell the parents before departure until they want to enter The crankshaktronics sent a message.

At the moment of danger, the youth strive, constructing a "copper wall" wall of the new coronal pneumonia epidemic.

The furpose first line, youth is released, youth is glory. Through the time and space, the wind and rain, the five-four spirit of patriotism, progress, democracy, and science, always inspire generations of young people with the times, with the times, and their motherland, carrying with people, always encourage generation of young shoulders It is difficult to attack, not before.

From the seismic disaster relief, youth doctors, inheritance, carry forward and accumulation on the anti-optic battlefield, the May 4th spirit has become a vivid logo in the past 100 years and the country’s future fate, becoming more than 96 million square kilometers Unhapp tohability of Youth Force. "After 90" net us, the driver is a volunteer, go out every four in the morning, at 10 o’clock in the evening, the lunch often is a bowl of bubble face; female auxiliary police Wang Mingyang, Kang Mengyuan sister flower sticks to the epidemic prevention and control position, 66 days did not return Home; Power Supply Company guys support Wuhan, clean up more than 100,000 rescue supplies every day … is such a group of young people who have not full of wings, using youth writing responsibility and responsibility, showing the appearance of young people in the new era. Youth is both the iron bones of the bloody rain, but also the pioneer of innovation when attacking hard, and it is a crisis moment. Regardless of how time is changed, regardless of how the years will baptize, "May 4th Spirit" is in charge, and thousands of Chinese youths have realized the national prosperity, national revitalization, and the people happiness. 24-year-old young volunteer Zheng energy, driving more than 300 kilometers to reverse Wuhan, holding the heart of death, "military order" in a friend, he said: "If I am unfortunately, please treat my ashes. Sprinkle in the Yangtze River, repay accompanying my motherland. "This is a heartbeat with the motherland and the people.

Born in Tong Yis, with the motherland and breathe, and deeply embedded himself in the year of the country. The motherland has been in a critical moment, and the people who are most needed in the people are silently paid. This is China Youth. What is the best youth? After 90, after 95, he replied to youth. Written on the laud of the mask, written on the strange back of protective clothing, and also wrote the epitaph of the "epidemic" martyrs.

The responsibility of the times give youn, the glory of the times is youth, whether it is "the most beautiful retrograde", still sticking to the front line, the fuck is the connotation of the May 4th spirit.

Let us expand this connotation, use youth irrigated the motherland, and write Chinese chapter in the service of the people! (Li Qun).