"Silver Tax Interaction" is a reluctance to relieve difficulty

For Macho May 14, China (Yunnan) Free Trade Test Zone Dehong Flavor (hereinafter referred to as "Decoction Zone") Management Committee held the "Silver Tax Interaction" special propaganda, help Devo District Ordered and healthy .

Since this year, the Ruili Municipal Party Committee and the Municipal Government have conscientiously implement the State Council on further optimizing the business environment, deepen the "venting service" reform, strengthen the decision-making deployment of credit system construction, and focus on solving the problem of enterprise financing, and vigorously support the development of private economies and small micro enterprises. .

Actively build a silver tax collaboration platform, create a new model of silver tax interaction, changed credit information resources for the integrated data information integration advantages, and the variable sector is more diverted to the financial institution "one-stop" service, become a small micro-enterprise financing difficult, bank find The "two-way puzzle" of high quality loans is a win-win situation in promoting enterprises, banks, taxation, and slows down the economic downtime, and promotes economic development into a benign development track.

From January to April this year, 16 household taxes have received loans through "Silver Tax Interaction" in Dehong Squares in the Self-Training Area.

Wang Yu, a full-time deputy director of the Deli District Management Committee of the Trade Zone, pointed out that we must improve the network platform and accelerate the share of the Silver Tax Information.

Actively build Ruili Digital Economic Data Application Platform and "Silver Tax Interaction" integrated financial service platform, relying on the construction of digital economy data application platform, paying attention to various functional departments involved in enterprises, realizing the sharing of data resources in the platform, forming services Sex, open corporate comprehensive financial service platform, accurately cracking the information asymmetry of silver enterprises, realizing multi-party win-win; need multi-part linkage, jointly create a good atmosphere of "Silver Tax Interaction"; to cooperate, improve work linkage mechanism. The consensus consensus, build channels, promote the implementation, and effectively put "silver tax interaction" red profit and private economy and small micro enterprises, and help the self-employment test area to build orderly and healthy development.

At the event, the Chinese Agricultural Bank Ruili Branch business personnel explained the details of the "Tax Tax Interaction" loan products "Tax Tax E-loan", and the signing credit on the site with the person in charge of many enterprises, and the credit quota is more than 200 million yuan. . "When the company is most important, the taxation tax interactive loan products jointly launched by the tax authorities and the Agricultural Bank – ‘Tax E-loan’, which is really a ‘timely rain’ to help us cross the difficulties.

"The contributed business representatives said with gratitude.

(Zhang Shuai) (Editor: Zhu Hongxia, Yang Liangwang).